Statement of the Political Secretariat of EPAM, 7 April 2013

Once again the tripartite so called government showed us its effectiveness and power.
Not of course by facing in a dignified way the troika civil servants but against the former Secretary-General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and member of EPAM Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos by depriving him of the title of Ambassador ad honorem that had been given to him for the important services that he had offered to his country and to the Diplomatic Corps.

Even though there is no mention of a reason or a justification in the administrative act that is included in the Presidential Decree, the real reason is that the Ambassador dared to give a series of interviews that were asked to him by Greek and foreign media, on the destructive, for the country, policies followed by the regime. These interviews received great attention and were commented in Greece and abroad.

On this occasion EPAM would like to express its gratitude, particularly to:

a. The President of the “Republic” for confirming that we live in an environment of “we decide and order you”.

b. The Foreign Minister and former diplomat, Mr. Avramopoulos for his so effective occupation with foreign affairs, since we are also now absolutely convinced that by depriving the title of ad.honorem of an Ambassador, whom he had praised in his Message of June 25, 2012 which is still on the website of the Foreign Ministry, he automatically solved the issue of our exclusive economic zone, the continental shelf, the problems of violations in the Aegean, the so-called gray areas, the casus belli of the Turks etc.

c. The so-called government, that by accepting this decision, is bringing back to us nostalgic moments, since it seems that we are reliving the period when the Junta deprived G. Seferis the title of Ambassador ad honorem for his statement to the BBC on March 28, 1969 and when the Junta adopted many other restrictive measures.

It is tragic that the abolition of freedom of speech has been officially confirmed in Greece of 2013.

EPAM feels particularly satisfied with all these events since the acts of the tripartite “government” by themselves show that we are dealing with a badly functioning junta. Thus EPAM will be exempted from searching for evidence to prove this while the political persecutions of its members, greatly enhance the faith in its struggle and enlarge the acceptance of its principles by Greek society.

In spite of the efforts of all the reactionary forces, Democracy will prevail.

7 April 2013
The Political Secretariat of EPAM


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