2nd National Congress of EPAM


2nd  National Congress of EPAM

« Democracy in praxis »

The United People’s Front  (EPAM) and its General Secretary Dimitris Kazakis kindly invite you to attend the 2nd National Congress of EPAM, which will take place in Athens  from Friday 31 May ( 17h00 ) through Sunday 02 June 2013, at Ciné Kerameikos ( Kerameikou 58 & Marathonos , Metro station Metaxourghio).

The Participants in the Congress, which is the Front’s supreme organ, have been elected by EPAM’s cells all over the country and are responsible for the strategy of  the Front as well as for its alliances forming policy. Political movements from Greece and abroad as well as representatives of Embassies and Personalities have been invited to the Congress.

EPAM was founded on 16 July 2011 under the pressure of the dramatic events in Greece and is open to everybody regardless of political beliefs or social status.

1. Unilateral debt of Greece repudiation.

2. Immediate cancellation of all memoranda and treaties signed since 2010.

3. Exit from the Eurozone and return to national currency.

4. Nationalization of the Bank of Greece.

5. Trial for those politicians responsible for today’s Greece’s state of occupation by the EE, the ECB and the IMF.

6. New Constitution.

The Press Centre of EPAM


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