Επείγουσα έκκληση στον κόσμο : σταματήστε αυτή τη βία!

(Aslı Erdoğan is a prize-winning Turkish writer, human rights activist and former columnist for the newspaper Radikal, whose second novel has been published in English Language translation. Wikipedia)

FROM: asli erdogan
TO: aslı erdogan
SENT: Monday, June 17, 2013 1:33 AM

Dear friends,
It is midnight, 24 hours have passed since my city has been taken over
police brutality. Hundreds but hundreds severely wounded, hundreds
missing… Thousands literally thousands are wounded, each street
forming its own infirmary… And today they started arresting the
doctors who voluntarily help those with severe brain traumas and burns
with very little, makeshift equipment…
Taksim, Besiktas, Sisli, Nisantasi… huge districts,some as bis as a
medium sized European city, are covered by gas. The police is firing as
many as 30 gas bombs on little groups, from the rooftops and also from
helicopters, gas is spreading… Then hundreds of masked policemen, with
truncheons are entering each street, each shop, each cafe, each
doorway… beating, burning, torturing… A torture victim, a teen ager,
was recently taken to hospital (by chance there was a TV camera nearby)
in a state of coma. I do not know his present condition as I do not know
the present condition of hundreds of friends and my own family
members.(Telecommication is usually cut in an area before the police
operation starts)
Yesterday, I was at home when the parc was attacked. Nobody, no press,
no foreign visitor was let into the vicinity. The official channel
showed the entrance to the parc covered with HUMAN BLOOD, and a hospital
reported 135 SEVERELY WOUNDED… Apart from that no news, NO NEEWS from
those who were in the parc at 20:55. Thousands must have been there.
I left my house at 21 trying to reach to Taksim. I walked 20 minutes in
tear gas and among running crowds (5km away from the parc!) And then the
police threw three sound bombs, so I couldnt return home. I strated
walking toward Taksim in the darkness, among crowds, literally 10, 20,
30 thousand people trying to reach TaKSİM. After an hour or so, the
police barricade started but people kept gathering. We were maybe 50
thousand civilians, doing nothing, just trying to go to the parc to see
what happened there, when the police attacked us with: SOUND BOMBS, TEAR
GAS, ORANGE GAS, WATER with ACID… Slowly I retreated, since I am a
semicrippled woman wearing a neck brace (plus I am asthmatic). But the
police kept chasing. Entire streets, districts and then the whole region
was gassed. People were trying to build baricades, I was trying to go
home. I got lost among the empty, tear gas covered streets. Walking for
almost an hour, trying hard not to faint… Both my arms have white
scars from the gas, and left side of my face is burnt!(I do not know
what kind of a chemical caused these burns, it can not be just tear
gas!)Perhaps one day I shall write the novel of my hour long walk in the
empty streets, then falling into the hands of hundreds of policemen, who
let me go away perhaps they pitied me, then running in the back gardens
to finda way home at 3 am, severely ill, wounded…
But now it is no time… There are thousands severely wounded, heads
cracked, as the police is routinely using gas capsules along with
plastic and real bullets. But the acid scares me more.
I AM NO LONGER the same human being after I watched a 16 year old boy,
head completely cracked by a gas capsule, being beaten by the policemen.
They beat and beat a seriosly perhaps fatally wounded boy, in such a way
that I have never even witnessed in concentration camp photos.
Hundreds are arrested, tortured and missing… Dear friends, I do not
know if I shall survive tonight, but as a writer, I BEG to you, to the
whole world, to do anything to stop this violence.


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