Athens, the cradle of democracy, 01 of December 2013

During the weekend of 30 November and 1st December 2013, people’s movements and economists from all over Europe and other countries held a successful meeting.  The meeting was realized on the initiative of EPAM the topics being: the debt, the national currency and democracy. From the first day of the conference, it was clear that all participants held common views and built a close cooperation towards the following:

  1. The debt has been imposed by banks through the euro imprisons nations and enslaves peoples.
  2. Leaving the euro and reestablishing a national currency is a basic condition to regain independence and pursue full employment policies.
  3. There is a need to leave the EU according to Article No 50 of the Treaty of the European Union.
  4. Democracy emerges as a critical issue in a European political environment where the eurozone governments – and those countries’ elites first and foremost – impose policies leading Europe to the new feudal system run by the markets against peoples’ interests.

The euro, like any other monetary union, will sooner or later collapse. The sooner each country leaves the euro, the better.

The dilemma the peoples of Europe face is: either the dictatorship of the markets or democracy and an economy based on the needs of the peoples.

The meeting closed its works with important conclusions and the promise that:

a)      The  important two-day Athens Meeting  is  the start of a steady  and active cooperation between the movements that took part , in the frame of mutual respect to the national identity of each one.

b)      The meeting will be the beginning  of the liberation of peoples of Europe, who deserve to build their own democracy and their own economy.

c)       The participants, although they are representatives of democratic movements against any form of extremism, suffer from being banned from all mainstream media . However they observe that in every country the same mainstream media grant an extended coverage to far- right parties , confusing as a matter of fact the citizens by associating the need to leave the euro and the EU with the far- right ideology.

d)      All participants in this international meeting committed themselves to intensify their efforts and become active in increasing the number of movements – all over Europe as well as worldwide – in the steps outlined by the Meeting of Athens.

Singed by:

  1. EPAM (United People’s Front)  –Greece
  2. Union Républicaine Populaire – France
  3. Per Il Bene Commune –Italy
  4. Asociación Democracia Real Ya – Spain
  5. Campaign for an Independent Britain – Britain
  6. Alza Il Pugno/Eurotruffa –Italy
  7. Economia Per I Cittadini – Italy
  8. National Platform –Ireland
  9. Mouvement Politique d’Emancipation Populaire – France
  10. IPU – Finland

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