Interview of Pablo Erlantz Jaén, President of “Asociación DEMOCRACIA REAL YA”, Spain, to “HONI” newspaper


Madrid, December 5th



As a result of the two day international conference hosted by EPAM and regarded “the Debt, the national currency and Democracy”, all of the participants decided to create a european movement against the economic crisis that the E.E. and the eurozone have generated.

1. What are your first thoughts on the matter after the Athens meeting?

Mainly finally you can try to directly and clearly the issue of the need for the recovery of national sovereignty, especially in some of its aspects (money, food, etc..) To carry out other measures, in the opinion of more and more voices are needed to exit a social way to this crisis and prevent it in future conflicts arise whose solution could lead to more traumatic events.

In a framework in which various movements from countries across Europe show a common belief in the need to end a supranational structure has corseted us within the single thought of neoliberalism, we appreciate the favorable climate to collaborate with us in a truly cooperative without external impositions and guaranteeing democracy which has now been usurped by organizations have not chosen and not provide answers to the problems of each of our societies, on the contrary, aggravate and deepen.

It is clear that there are already many voices that have perceived the deception that have been submitted and reported that indeed the model imposed is far from being a democracy and is squandering the rule of law and welfare, indispensable achievements for the masses. Everyone from your particular situation calls for a true democracy, one that takes us from the current dictatorship of the markets towards social models and citizens from democracy in appearance to a real democracy.

They have repeated ad nauseam that the economic crisis is a sort of passenger accident that may be resolved by hard sacrifices from workers, unemployed, pensioners, students… As the ancient Maya, the governments of half the world expect that after the ritual begins rain, but far from the simpletons and cynically optimistic speeches, no signs that this will happen, quite simply because they have stolen the tools to achieve sovereign.

Finally many groups from different countries have woken up and been able to freely express that we are victims of a lie, and that the economic crisis is nothing more than an alibi hiding two things: A grand theft disguised as financial engineering and the establishment an ideological noose, neoliberalism, which cannot be modified even if the people elect a government or another.

2. What do you hope the movement will accomplish for both Spain and the countries of the South that are suffering the concequences of that economic crisis?

First of all we would like to stress that we are not facing an economic crisis in the traditional sense, much less to a particular situation in the demo-cycles systems, but rather a calculated and alleged scam. Lots of entrepreneurs have recognized that we will not live with levels and a similar economic environment than before the crisis. Drawer, unquestionable, real as life itself. Like all crises, this has served to restructure the productive laying off workers, closing businesses and taking a giant step in the liquidation of the social gains by destroying the coming production model of the welfare state.

The world is becoming a big market where all concur buying and selling. And woe to those who have nothing to sell, because nothing can purchase and starve! Expands fanaticism among elites with intent to dismantle all structures of the state that prevents it (coerced, say proponents of neoliberalism) establish conditions, and remains the stronghold of the citizens’ rights systems, social benefits and the common good. Neoliberalism and increasingly extreme derivations (ultraliberalism, Anarcho-capitalism, etc..) Are the most unpatriotic of all ideologies.

Each country has its own problems stemming from his past and historical prejudices. In the case of Spain is obscene that the “rancid right” has been achieved appropriating patriotic sense, when clearly, anyone who loves his country, wants his people to be happy and live in a welfare model; just what seeking disassemble. For your own commercial logic, can only be called patriots based confrontation with difference, hatred and sense of superiority. That is why such people should assume they are no such thing: they are nationalistic, chauvinistic and jingoistic. There can be no other than the social patriotism. “Trade patriotism” requires extensive use of xenophobia.

If the masses let that mediocre amalgam loathing all the collective and human, moving forward, we will soon see “anarcho communes” private cities, owners of an anonymous capital, where there is no other flag waving that large corporations with aberrations as the bodies of the European Union and the IMF back to an era of neo-feudal character, in which the noble lord will not, but the majority shareholder and the people are mere slaves with possible replacement dispossessed any social consideration; mere cogs who operate under these capital cities, not states can regulate their relations and redistribution of wealth.

In conclusion, we have reached the point where known diagnosis, each from their own perspective and particular problems, we see that the common core is the same. In this conference we leave reinforced each other to cut the trunk and not allowed to continue disguising. Subsequently litter and branches in each country is a job that we have to develop each, but always in the context of collaboration. Do not feel alone is a key element in maintaining the tenacity in this fight.

3. What is the message that you would like to send to all the people that are suffering but they do not take action;

That change will only come if the “silent majority” decide to participate actively in the manner they can. Should be formed, organized, act every day in small initiatives and finally articulate the elements that enable real change in each of our countries.

There is widespread fear of losing what little they have to consider even small acts of charity as a benefit to be thankful for, when in turn are destroying the social conquests of centuries. All this is arranged from a field of many do not even want to talk and just leave it to tabernarias conversations: politics. Like it or not the way to change things. Any change in social and economic relations are always attached to the policy, which must return your noble exercise and that will come from all of us, to abandon prejudices and fight for clear ideas. You have to rescue the vision of politics and society and its manifestation on how to live. The problem is that it is now a show. There have been minority sectors of the change. The secret is to recover the majority who stay at home, do not worry. How? It takes patience and inform people of things.

People have faith in the hope that something better comes along and turn fear we mentioned before. We must have faith in that bet, but that change will come by itself. The policy does not support the faith, only the ideas and action, their implementation. Hiding in a precarious comfort and indifference is lethal to our societies. We are living a slow death. This company has been conveniently drugged: no pulse, nerve, ideals, wants nothing. There is a silent majority that believes in nothing.

We go to any tragedy, from bankruptcy to fascism, product of neoliberalism when dying, as we continue to deplete our lives slowly leaving each day, with unemployment, living as possible, football, television programs.

So far we have repeated this message insatiably , far from being mere pessimism, is the current reality . However begins to glimpse the hope and one of the first victories: the conquest of the ideas, the defeat of ” no alternative ” . That’s what we could see at the conference in Athens and we firmly believe that is the beginning of something unstoppable. We therefore encourage everyone, in each of their countries , to fight for change , because you can . Now is the time to go for the next battle: the organization and action. All changes , revolutions, etc. . have started from a small group of people aware and they were willing to fight despite not knowing what the outcome. Sometimes the goal was achieved, others only partially and others failed. But the important thing is that tomorrow, now that we finally have a stand, we can ask ourselves did what I could for a better future? And the answer is not a word, but a clear conscience, if only to change the seed left standing and we will continue to happen until you do.

Do we want a magical night, as in Argentina, to see who will be the first to jump on the helicopter? From all of us depend.

Warmest regards,

Pablo Erlantz Jaén





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