EPAM – Solidarity with our Spanish fellow-combatants



E.Pa.M condemns the law draft on “security of the citizens” which has been recently adopted by the Spanish Government and is due to be submitted to the parliament for adoption, because it grossly violates the right of association, the right of aggregation and the right of free speech and expression.

The imposition of 60,000 euro fines for insulting a police officer, for facial covering during a demonstration as well as the imposition of fines of 600.000 euro for demonstrations near the Parliament without having obtained a permission beforehand, except for the fact that they all violate the Treaty of Lisbon, they are reminiscent of the Franco era and they confirm once again that the concept of democracy in the EU is almost non-existent. The freedoms and rights of citizens are no longer consistent with the survival of the euro and of the European Union, particularly as the EU is on the road to federalism and must therefore be abolished. Thus, similar laws are expected to be gradually introduced in all the countries of the EU.

The United People’s Front expresses its solidarity with the Spanish fellow-combatants, who are demonstrating for the preservation of their fundamental human rights in order to prevent a backslide of their country into the years of Franco and so as to not live once more the nightmare of a long fascist tyranny, all in the name of the European dream. Their fight is our fight.

Athens 17 December 2013

The political secretariat of E.Pa.M.



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