EPAM Political Secretariat – Communiqué January 5, 2014



As we know, this Wednesday, January 8, 2014 will be the day Greece officially assumes the «Presidency» of the European Union.

On that day all the heavy guns of the EU, from Barroso to the «president» of the European Council Van Rompuy and all the Commissioners, will swarm upon Athens. All these criminal hitmen and hitwomen will come together at the scene of their crime.  They will be accompanied by their flunkeys, the horde of native collaborationists and usurpers of the popular mandate who committed treason against the Nation and the people.  The fiesta under planning will be grand, indeed.

They will bombard us once more with empty words about the sacrifices we are making, about how these sacrifices are paying off, and about how necessary it is that we continue on the same road. They will emphasize the solidarity they have been demonstrating towards us, provided that we do not deviate from the path of great «reforms» and fiscal adjustments, and how they will always be there for us with «open arms.»

This eagerly slavish government of ours will reap every opportunity to tout new «success stories» about primary surplusses and the growth that is waiting around the corner, while through the fiestas and the puffery, the bowing and scraping, it will try to hold its nerve a little longer.   All the while the ground this government is standing on is giving way beneath its feet as it is straining to carry out the death contracts against the country and the people that it has undertaken.

We, the regular citizens, feel very well in our skin what this all means.   We know now that the new year begins with the eurocrats, the instruments of the most extreme and criminal system of exploitation against the working people of Greece and other European countries, ratcheting up their attack.  Now their target is no longer labour, incomes, and social rights, but the confiscation of every moveable and immoveable asset, public or private, that is left to the citizens.   At this point, they are moving head-on towards the completion of their plan, that is, the final and irreversible (so they think!) transformation of Greece into a «special economic zone» and its conversion from a country to a mere space subject to their own exclusive exploitation.

We are left with one and only Duty: To face them in opposition.

Let us start the new year the right way.

Let us prove that we have not surrendered.

Now is the time for us to tell them: «The game is over»!

Let us leave them to «enjoy» their «successes» alone, besieged and isolated as they are by their ironclad praetorians who in the thousands will disrupt the city one more time to protect them.

Let us stand outside to make them feel the heavy breath of the people down their necks and nemesis closing up on them!

Athens, January 5, 2014

EPAM Political Secretariat

One comment

  1. GREAT sentiments from a great and truly exceptional country
    However it is being destroyed by the european technocrats
    The death of democracy in the oplace it started Now is that not ironic.

    Well as SCOTS we are in the same predicament but with a little bit of hope we may break out this year on September the 18th
    from the old order or shoul;d I say the new world order

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