The United People’s Front (EPAM) denounces the effort without any pretexts of the Athens regime to involve Greece directly in NATO’s and EU’s opportunism in the Ukraine.

While at home, the government appears to be a ferocious persecutor of fascism; abroad, it cooperates fully and accepts as equal partner a bunch of neo-nazi gangsters without any hesitation, as long they serve the interests of the EU and Germany.

The so-called deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs – puppet of the Athens’ regime – rushed before anyone else to legitimise through his presence in Kiev as representative of the EU and not as representative of Greece the neo-nazi coup d’état, which has been financed and orchestrated abroad.

He didn’t hide his happiness with the decision of the Ukraine neo-nazis to ‘continue the EU-Ukraine association procedure by signing the Agreements on Association and Stabilization’, thus turning into a priest of the interests of Germany and European finance capital, not only in Greece but anywhere else where his bosses tell him to go.

He even declared that Greece is ready to assist with ‘know-how’, to promote in other words the ‘IMF solution’ proving to be a good dealer:  «We are prepared to convey our proposals and views on how the international community can help Ukraine, with the participation of the IMF, but not just the IMF. My proposal is that it is imperative that an international conference be held on this issue in order to shape the platform immediately. Of course, through its experience of the crisis it has gone through and is still experiencing, Greece is also prepared to provide its know-how to Ukraine»

In full consciousness, the Athens occupation regime, through its deputy minister and its minister of foreign affairs, is sabotaging our vital national interests, turning Greece against Russia and its interests in the greater region of the Black Sea, at a time when our national interests should have been handled with the utmost care, given the situation in Cyprus, the Aegean and Thrace.

EPAM calls upon every democratic Greek citizen, every Greek patriot, to unite against the occupation regime, which is rushing headlong into a total sell-off to foreign suzerains, before we experience another national tragedy and the dismantling of our country.

Athens, 02.03.2014

The Political Secretariat of EPAM

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