Statement of the World Federation of Trade Unions on the recent developments in Ukraine

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) informs the International Working Class that the recent developments in Ukraine are not “a victory of democracy”, as the NATO, the European Union, the US and their allies hypocritically claim.

The recent events in Ukraine are a dangerous development first and foremost for the working class of Ukraine, the peoples in the region and the world peace.

Ukraine is a rich country with large wealth producing resources. It’s a country with crucial energy pipelines, a country with an important position on the geostrategic map.

The new Ukrainian government, which is formed by reactionary and antilabor political forces, assumed power with the support of the US Imperialists and their allies. The new government is a puppet of the Imperialists, who put it there, in order to promote certain geopolitical and geostrategic plans.

At the same time, the developments in Ukraine confirm that nazi and neo-nazi organizations are instruments of the capitalist system and enemies of the working class and the popular strata. The international class oriented trade union movement expresses its internationalist solidarity with the workers living in Ukraine. It supports the right of the workers living in Ukraine to fight against capitalist barbarism and against the hazards generated by the rivalries between USA-European Union and Russia.



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