EPAM : COMMUNIQUÉ on the events in Odessa

In the last few days the residents of Odessa saw the true face of fascism in its full atrocity with the massacres of dozens of defenseless human beings.   The blood-thirsty, Nazi monsters acting with the «blessings» and the funding of Washington and Brussels and assisted by NATO mercenaries, trapped a group of dissidents in the Labor Union Building and caused the death of 43 people by the fire they started through molotov bombs. Meanwhile no one knows the exact number of casualties caused by sniper fire as this well-mounted provocation develops.

From the first minute, EPAM had denounced this operation by a fascist extreme Right to take over an independent country member of the UN and the targeted effort of the US and the EU, with Germany at the head, to turn the Ukraine into a civil war battleground and, finally, a protectorate.

The urgency, especially as evinced by Germany, to turn sovereign countries into protectorates thus demolishing every sense of Law anticipates the future of the European Union. There is no longer any doubt at the EU is morphing into a mechanism of «pure-blooded» open dictatorship by economic and political interests in the hitlerist mold.  This plan by the continuators of Nazism is revealed in the developing federalization of Europe, the banking union, the fiscal agreement, and the other actions for the completion of the «European project.»

This fascist monstrosity must be dissolved as soon as possible and in its place we must build a Europe of independent and sovereign nation-states. We need a Europe for free and self-determining peoples who will construct step-by-step relations of trust and mutual benefit. The peoples of Europe can be united only when they are free.   When they are enslaved, unity is only the concern of their tyrants.

Based on this logic, the citizens must come to the poles for the upcoming European Parliament Elections and take the next step by delivering a sound drubbing to the underlings of this mafia who is preparing the disintegration of European states and the absolute immiseration and enslavement of peoples.

Athens, May 3, 2014

The Political Secretariat of the Unified Peoples’ Front (EPAM)


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