The Greek Revolution of 2016

by Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, Ambassador ad.H.

Published in Diario de Noticias 29.06.2015

After five months of fruitless negotiations between Greece and its lenders,the Greek Prime Minister blasted the Institutions for submitting proposals that would destroy Greece and humiliate its people.So he proposed that a referendum be held next Sunday with the question of whether or not the Greek people support the EU proposals.On Sunday morning parliament adopted the proposal and the referendum will be held next Sunday.

The EU proposals were rejected because they would have devastating effects on the country.They anticipated reduction of wages and pensions,increase in food prices  and other measures affecting the middle and lower classes.

The EU never expected that the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras  would dare ask for a referendum .Now attempts will be made by the EU and other circles to prevent the referendum from happening as was done in 2010.Already Christine Lagarde of the IMF made statements today saying that the Referendum will be invalid because after Tuesday the proposals will no longer exist.The Eurogroup  also rejected a request from Greece to extend the exisiting program until after the referendum.Consequently as from Tuesday,the so-called financing of Greece from the institutions will stop and Greece will be obliged to pay its outstanding debt to the IMF.More attempts will take place during the week by creating panic to the people in the means of preventing access to their accounts,fomenting internal unrest etc.The EU is good in this.We saw what happened in Kiev in December 2013.But panic exists in the EU where the fear is spreading that the eurozone is collapsing.

If the outcome of the referendum is NO,then presumabely the government will inform the institutions of the will of the Greek people.It cannot be excluded that the Government denounces the Loan agreement of 2010 on the basis of articles 48-52 of the Vienna Treaty on Treaties which anticipate under which conditions an international treaty is null and void,and it covers the Greek case too.The denunciation in written form will be sent to the Secretary general of the UN,since the Vienna Treaty has been deposited at the UN,and Greece will legally stop all payments to the lenders since the Loan Agreement will be null and void.The money kept will help Greece in its road towards economic recovery.The next step will be the gradual and orderly  exit of Greece from the eurozone,which will take place in a period of six months to one year.This position is also supported by the Unified Popular Front (EPAM),a party of which I am a member,and it will actively participate in support of the no vote.

If the outcome of the referendum is yes then the road for Greece to achieve colonial status will become a reality.

We are witnessing an incredible event,the EU destroying its member-states.During the last five years,the member states of the Eurozone,the EU as an institution, the IMF which is only a specialized agency of the UN,and the previous Greek governments,have violated most existing international treaties on the respect for human rights,i.e.the Lisbon treaty,the International Covenant of economic, social and cultural rights,the UN Charter etc,making them also criminally responsible for these violations.But this not our EU,it is not the EU that neither Greece,Portugal or Spain joined.It is an aberration.

I personally hope that this Greek revolution spreads to Portugal and Spain and to the other EU countries for the benefit of the peoples of Europe and of humanity.



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