Brief on Davos: Migration, the Swiss and the EC.

Davos starts this week and Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports that the security lockdown is already in full gear.

Perhaps it was inevitable following the November attacks in Paris, but some 46km of fencing is being rolled out, 4,500 military personnel deployed and anti-aircraft guns primed and ready. In a sign of the times, the paper reports that Swiss police will also be paying a visit to two asylum centres in Davos.

The European Commission updated its migration statistics on Monday and there were still few signs its signature “relocation” scheme is working. That was the plan to take 160,000 refugees from overwhelmed authorities in Greece and Italy and disburse them across the EU. The new numbers show the total relocated is up by 50 people – to 322. Still a bit short of 160,000, however.


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