A 3% academic subsidy (in grades) favoring the well-off

UGent [Belgium] considers adding 3% on results to minimum-period graduates


Ghent University is considering a proposal to boost students’ final results by 3% if they graduate in the minimum number of years their degrees require

Incentive to graduate

Ghent University (UGent) is considering offering students an extra 3% on their final results if they complete their studies within the minimum period.

“The education system has become more flexible over the last few years, making it easier for students to push courses to a next year,” UGent spokesperson Stephanie Lenoir told De Morgen. “Some education experts think that this flexibility has gone too far and that measures are necessary to ensure that students don’t take too long to finish their diplomas.”

The new system would be introduced in both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. “A bonus of 3% could make the difference between graduating with distinction or not,” explained Lenoir. “There is already a considerable number of students graduating in the minimum period, but we feel they deserve a reward for that.” The system will not apply to students who wouldn’t pass their exams without the extra 3%.

Some experts, however, question the legality of the procedure. The bonus might also conflict with the inclusive education policy, as learning disabilities make it more difficult for some students to finish in the minimum time.

UGent’s board of directors will take the final decision on the matter in May.

Photo courtesy UGe



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