Is Wolfgang Schäuble incapable of doing his job or is he trying to purposefully impoverish the German people?

Germany is boasting a 35 year record low of 4.3% unemployment rate (January 2016),

a record high Disposable Personal Income of 457.80 EUR Billion,

an interest rate of 0% (!),

an interbank rate of -0,21% (!!),

a Trade Balance of 13.6 EUR Billion (!!!),

etc, etc, etc,

AND, at the same time, the poverty rate in Germany has increased; it has been rising almost continuously since 2006 and now stands at 15.5 percent (!!).

This means that about 12.5 million adults (!!!), almost 2 out of every ten Germans, exist on less than €845 per month as unmarried persons or less than €1,873 in a family with two children.
“Never before has the level of poverty in Germany been so high, and never was regional disunity as sharp as it is today,” stated Ulrich Schneider, managing director of the Federation of Welfare Associations. It is also true that the amount of wealth in Germany has never been so great, and never has social conflict been as widespread as it is today.
It is more than crystal clear that something is extremely wrong with this picture and the finance minister of Germany is dead silent about all this.

What are we to make of it?  Is Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble totally incompetent in his job or is he for some perverted reason out to starve-to-death tens of millions of German citizens in the midst of catholic abundance?

by Theodore.



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