MEPs say: Bad Juncker’s Commission (through second no-confidence vote) but, just a slap on the hand because…

WILL JUNCKER FALL OVER ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS? The Juncker Commission faces its second no-confidence vote over what appears as an obscure technical act introducing scientific criteria for chemicals that can interfere with the hormone system in some EU laws.  Vytenis Andriukaitis, commissioner for health and food safety, promised to advance an impact assessment on the issue after the European Court of Justice ruled last year that the Commission violated EU law…..

….by not meeting a December 2013 deadline to introduce the criteria. Now Piernicola Pedicini, a member of the Euroskeptic EFDD, has managed to get enough MEPs to sign a motion of censure against the Commission over the issue. That’s enough to have the motion debated and voted on at the end of May, but it stands no chance of passing, one Parliament source said.

— Why? At least four parties in the Parliament, including the largest, EPP (but also the Greens) don’t want to see the Commission fall amid all the other crises it has to deal with — from Brexit to migration to the Greek bailout. Fringe parties such as the EFDD, GUE and the ENL, which includes French Front National MEPs, signed the motion. UKIP members didn’t, according to the source. Read the Parliament’s press release on the motion:, or even better, this story from POLITICO’s Carmen Paun:

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