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We have received this direct from Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos of Greece. Please take the time to read this and relate it back to our own country, Great Britain. The EU has destroyed Greece and we can not let that happen to us too. This is our ONLY chance to take back control and in turn hopefully help out the rest of Europe who will follow suit! Listen to what he has to say and PLEASE SHARE!


Due to the Memorandum of 10 May 2010 imposed upon Greece to reduce its debt the following has occurred.

1. Unemployment from 9% in 2010 is now 26%

2. Indirect and direct taxation leaves no room for economic development,2 million people cannot pay taxes today as the taxation system is worse than it was under the ottoman occupation.

3. Pensions have been slashed by 55% since 2010.Salaries have been reduced by 40%.

4. The health system has collapsed as the States contributions to it have been drastically reduced.More than 5000 people have committed suicide.

5. With the last legislation adopted by Parliament on May 22, Greece has ceased to exist as a State, since the economic management of the country has been given to the EU and the lenders for the next 100 years.

6. 18 regional airports have been sold to the German Fraport which is state owned,within the framework of privatization.

7. The austerity program has resulted in human rights violations of the Greek people as is mentioned in the report dated Feb.29,2016 of the UN Independent Expert, Juan Pablo Bohoslavski to the UN Council of Human Rights.

8. Homes of people who cannot continue paying mortgages because of reduced incomes due to reduction of salaries and pensions and increase of taxation are being auctioned.

9. 56,000 refugees are stranded in Greece because the EU refuses to implement the European Council decision of last July by which 60,000 refugees would be transferred from Greece and Italy to other member-states for resettlement.

10. The public debt in 2009 was 129% of the GNP has since increased and is now 180% of the GNP as a result of erroneous policies by the EU and the IMF. Greece is entering its seventh year of recession.

11. Many embassy buildings have been sold including that of the Greek Embassy in London.
Etc. ad infinitum

23 June, VOTE LEAVE!


  1. We are disgusted with the way the EU has treated Greece and its people and will do everything in our power to leave the EU and ensure all over EU countries do the same. Greece helped rebuild Germany after the Second World War and Germany should not repay the favour!

  2. I agree, the biggest problem, is the belief these the Greek people had in the EU unelected bureaucrats who promised them a fair deal now culminating into a debacle, get out and enjoy getting out the whole of the EU countries are in a quandary
    of where they are going

    1. The reason the EU will come to an end, is because you can never force different people from different countries with different natures and life styles to live together under a government of unelected people in another country.

  3. I hope the people of Greece can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and take the opportunity too rid yourselves of this tyrant namely the EU such a beautiful country as yours should never be dragged to the depths of dispair by a Bunch of unelected beaurocrats in Brussels,we in Great Britain feel your pain and that’s why we want out before it’s too late.

  4. whoever heads the EU should be committed to the WORLDS highest courts- TRIED for multiple- TREASON for the damage they have done to all citizens that have suffered because of them.Got Help Greece.

  5. This one of the very best articles on Greece’s current situation that I have ever read.

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