epamThe  United People’s Front welcomes the historical decision of the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

The result of the  British referendum, with a great participation of the simple people, to the surprise of many, constitutes  a strong slap to the arrogance of Brussels, to the bankers and their servants.

The British people proved that, irrespectively of what is being planned behind the scenes and behind closed doors by the oligarchs against the interest of the people, this  can be changed and that the future lays exclusively in the hands of the citizens, just as long as they want to impose it.

In spite of the unprecedented  campaign of fear and disinformation, that also took advantage of the loss of a human life, the British people massively brought forward the values of freedom, democracy, popular sovereignty and national independence.The people of Greece did the same in the referendum of 2015. However the usurpers in the government changed that in an unabashed way.

We hope that in the case of the UK referendum, there will be no attempt to change the practical results like in Greece. Whenever the people of Europe were asked to express their opinion,they usually expressed themselves against  the positions of Brussels, thus proving that the “democracy”of the EU is not the democracy for which the people of the world are fighting for.

However, June 24,2016 is a historic day, not only for the British people, but for all the peoples of Europe, who are suffering under the problems accumulated by the  inhuman creation that is called European Union and that has no relation to the people, their interests and their civilization.

It is a day of victory for all of us and for a better tomorrow.

At the same time it is a call to fight for final victory.

Athens 24 June 2016

The Political Secretariat of EPAM




  1. Thank you, freedom can be achieved. The British have been fighting for other Countries freedom for many years. It was fitting that we finally fought for our own, and won.

  2. It’s God’s will that we came out of the EU read your bibles no amount of pushing doors will change that God’s will will be done God doesn’t make mistakes amen

    1. Yes it also shows that in spite of everything God still loves this country. We should humble ourselves to thank Him for this intervention, and pray for the renewal of His church here, to consolidate this victory.

  3. Thank you for your support. Now what needs to happen is that your country and others in the EU need to hold referendums. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD- vote for less austerity and most importantly to get control back for your country.

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