EPAM on the Skopje issue

It is historically proven that the Slavs have no relation whatsoever with the country and civilization of timeless Macedonia, which is a Greek word and notion. Their persistence in a name that neither belongs to them nor is in any way related to ancient Dardania, where Skopje was located, is suspect, to say the least.

This being so, what is the reason why this country should be called Macedonia, all the more so under the auspices of foreign powers. None at all. The policies of creating small protectorate states out of disintegrated Yugoslavia, such as  “Macedonia” at our northern border, has been implemented by an international directorate to serve the globalization plans.But in view of the danger of this last protectorate not being able to remain united due to its ethnically divided population (half Slavs, half Albanians) and play its role as a protectorate, they decided to call it Macedonia in order to be able to blackmail Greece whenever they want to and prevent her becoming independent, two kills with one stone.

All this in combination with the economic occupation of Greece, through which the country is forced to accept faits acccomlis, gives excuses to the complaisant political system to openly support a composite name with Macedonia “erga omnes”.

Under these circumstances the acceptance of such a name by Greece would be synonymous to political suicide, as it would open the way to the Slavs claiming the whole of Macedonia, a policy they had already been conducting as a federate republic of Yugoslavia (and brought to a peak under the Gruevsky leadership afterwards). We should keep in mind that states never give up their long-term pursuits. And if granted historical rights on an area, under propitious circumstances they will one day claim it thus jeopardizing peace.

EPAM thinks Skopje must stop misappropriating Greek history and symbols. EPAM has always had an invariable and clear-cut position on the matter:

A state called Macedonia at our northern border must never be recognized by Greece.

Slavs must not be allowed to misappropriate our history.

Territorial claims against our country are not negotiable.

Apart from that, EPAM as a political organization should and will not recognize any state entity fabricated by external powers through war.

EPAM as a patriotic and democratic front denounces parties and MPs who obediently accept orders from euroatlantic centres and world oligarchy to recognize the Skopje hybrid under the name of Macedonia in order to make themselves “useful”.

Let them know that they will answer for this one day.

EPAM demands the removal of this rervile government and the holding of elections so that the Greek people can put an end to this downward course before it is too late for our country.


Athens, 11 Jan 2018


The Political Secretariat



One comment

  1. When the Hellenes will take their country back? If the want to exist as pround as their history, then they must rise up and fight as always when the enemy is out side in Front of the big gate.It will be late when he gets inside…

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