Defeat the main enemy

Press Release 6-2018 National Council of MPL-Programma 101

With the rejection opposed to the birth of the yellow-green government by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the serious social and political crisis becomes a devastating institutional crisis. For the first time in the history of the Republic, he has prevented that Parliament elect his government.

There is no doubt that with his veto, he has brutally gone beyond the prerogatives that the Constitution assigns him, so we believe that Parliament can and should initiate the procedure for its removal (impeachment).

With the speech pronounced tonight Mattarella threw the mask. In this case too, violating his institutional function as super partes, he gave an entirely political speech, demonstrating that he is not the defender of the Constitution and of popular and democratic sovereignty; he was impudent in a presidentialist style as guarantor of the Eurocratic oligarchies, of the great predatory finance and of the spread dictatorship.

Since, unless a coup d’etat occurs, new elections are inevitable, Mattarella has not hesitated to pose as the political leader of the Eurocratic front, indicating what will be the strategy of the elite: total war to the forces of popular sovereignty, psychological terrorism against citizens, asking the “markets” to strangle Italy, without excluding the catastrophe of the country. Functional to this defeatist design is the task that Mattarella wants to give Cottarelli, guard dog of the oligarchy, to form the government from here to the elections. Other than “democratic guarantee government”! It would be a very scandalous and unacceptable act.

So they will not be just parliamentary elections, it will be a referendum whose stakes are whether Italy regains its national and democratic sovereignty or whether its colonial subjection will be ratified. It will therefore be a historical battle on which the life or death of the Republic depends.

For this reason, we have always said that sooner or later we would have arrived at the decisive test for the exit from the cage of the euro, we who first called for the formation of a National Liberation Committee and the wider popular mobilization, we we will be in the field and we will make our contribution to the victory of the front for popular and national sovereignty.

National Program Council 101
May 27, 2018


P.S You can read the article in Greek here

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