The unprecedented genocide of the Greek people

by Dimitris Kazakis

About 36.000 souls were lost from Greece’s population just in 2017 due to the difference between the soaring numbers of deaths and the new, even bigger, drop in births. That is, an average sized Greek town was lost in 2017; something like Tripolis.

We didn’t have such an amount of casualties during the war against the invading Italian and German forces in 1940-41, in which the Greek casualties were in the vicinity of about 14.000.

The provided table below which comes from ELSTAT (Greek Statistics Authority) is indicative of the demographic collapse to which the country was deliberately driven with the imposition of the new pro-lender occupation. From 2011 onwards, we’ve been observing a continuous reduction of the population. The result is earth shattering. Greece’s population has been reduced by 151.420 people during the 2011-2017 period. Unprecedented.

And this happened because the Greek people has been led to extinction, even under physical terms, on purpose and totally deliberately, due to the occupation and distress sale policies imposed on our homeland by the lenders. The official diagram, coming from ELSTAT, provided below, shows the grοwing deficit between deaths and births in Greece.

And all this before counting forced immigration in the physical reduction of the population. Then the result becomes even more tragic. According to World Bank statistics the summed total population reduction in Greece for the 2011-2017 period adds up to 360.920 people. This population reduction in Greece is the biggest on the planet, at least concerning countries that haven’t recently been through a “hot” war.

The reduction in total employment numbers based on to ILO (International Labour Organization) data shows a reduction in employment of 267.997 people during the 2011-2017 period. Talking about a supposed success in reducing unemployment numbers under such circumstances of reduction of the working population and the population in general is nothing more than a macabre joke.

And this country is rife with macabre jokes. Because in this country of the “Foolish Fir-trees” we can see anything ranging from campaigns to save strays and the reduction of motor vehicle accident victims to the agonizing cries for the extinction of rare unfortunate species of the animal kingdom. But we won’t hear a breath about the demographic collapse imposed by the occupation regime, which in the legal language of the whole world is called genocide. I repeat: Genocide!

The reason is simple. With the occupation regime in our country, established for the benefit of the lenders and a domestic gang of subservient boondogglers of politics and economy, the lives of Greeks aren’t even worth as much as a stray’s. It’s not even worth seriously discussing the extermination of a whole populum. Misanthropy at its highest.
If we extend these World Bank statistics to the future we will realize that in 2060 – the year in which the “enhanced supervision” of the lenders is supposed to end – Greece’s population will have suffered an additional reduction of about 2.000.000 people. That’s about the numbers of 1960. With a very serious quality difference: the average age of the population will vastly surpass 55.

That situation, naturally, will be non-reversible. Both demographically and socially.

It’s the first time in global history that there is such a genocide taking place without armaments or military means. It’s the first time after the 2nd World War that such a mechanism of mass extermination has been activated. And it also marks the first time in Greek history, since the great descent of the northern tribes to the Balkan and Hellenic lands after the 8th century, that they’re threatened with extinction.

Will we allow this to happen as a people? Will we keep accepting that nothing can be done and consider this genocide through demographic collapse a secondary thing analogous to the “aging of the population” in other countries? Will we allow our generation and those of our children’s to be exterminated? Or will we finally take matters into our own hands by overthrowing the occupation regime before it’s too late?


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