Statement-Denunciation of the US intervention in Venezuela

The recognition by the USA of the largely defeated candidate in Venezuela’s Presidential elections, as “interim President” of the country is a blatant interference of the Americans in the internal affairs of an independent, sovereign state. Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented situation, where the defeated in the elections presidential candidate, declares himself president and the “World President” rushes to recognize him. Close behind the sidekick countries of Latin America (the so-called “Lima group” declare that they recognize the leader of the Opposition as President, and, backed up by the OAS, exert pressure for the “restoration of democratic order” (change of regime, that is) in Venezuela.

The events in Venezuela started after Bolsonaro’s win in Brazil, a fascist politician, who openly threatens his people with dictatorship and massacre. At the same time threats for a military intervention in Nicaragua are increasing after the latter’s agreement with Russia and China on cutting through a new canal connecting the Pacific with the Atlantic Ocean and competing with the Panama canal.

This move by the US marks a change in the main narrative of neoliberalism, compared with that of previous decades. From the 90s on the point had prevailed that undisguised political and military interventions for the settling of sociopolitical differences and the establishment of great powers’ rule, the US being the leader, were not necessary any longer. Now a new era is being initiated of coups and military interventions in Latin America, which takes us back to the early 20eth century, with puppet-states, the so-called “banana Republics”, controlled by big multinational companies.

This turn is not a sign of strength on the part of the US, on the contrary it shows their inability to impose their rule in the region in soft, so to speak, political and economic ways. Even if “it is cheaper to buy an MP than a mule” as the “banana king” once put it while talking about Hondura, it now looks as though buying off MPs and governments is not enough, so imperialism needs to resort to more “inelegant” and rough solutions. Through the coup in Venezuela the US is trying to be done with the first state that broke their supremacy in the region, so that a new round of interventions in Latin America can start, and the states be put under a new colonial rule leading to the creation of the new “banana republics” of the 21st century!

From the situation in Venezuela we can deduce conclusions, useful for our own cause:

Firstly, good intentions and revolutionary rhetoric are not enough for success and a long life of a regime. Particularly, when the regime in question is confronted with the forces of imperialism and becomes the target of uninterrupted war from them, it can only find support from its own people, which it must endeavor to strengthen. If the people does not see their living conditions, their everyday life improving, if they do not prosper, or at least see prospects of well-being, it is only natural that displeasure will pile up in them, and they will become prone to react, regardless of foreign instigation or not.

Τhe second conclusion is the the Venezuelan people is paying the price for the political choice of the Bolivarian government not to nationalize the Central bank and the national currency. The case of Venezuela is a living example of what the consequences can be, when a government stands in religious awe before the banks, as well as their (the governmentt’s) instrumental conception of money. This is a manifest confirmation of the fact that however many means of production you may nationalize, the one who pulls the strings is the one who controls the money.

However, irrespective of disagreements with major choices of the Maduro government, it is unquestionable that this is the legally elected government of the country, it is the government that the people of Venezuela chose to represent them. Noone but the people of each country, has the right to interfere in order either to support or overthrow any government. ΕPΑΜ condemns and denounces the US intervention and voices its full support to the struggle of the Venezuelan people for national independence and democracy!


Αthens, 25 of January 2019

The Political Secretariat of EPAM


Read the article in Greek.

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