Statement on the attempted coup in Venezuela

The self-declared “president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, announced yesterday that he proceeds to the final phase of overthrowing the democratically elected President of the country, Nicolas Maduro. The United States and the “allied” EU countries were quick to offer their support, with rather provocative statements, declaring that in this way they “protect the Constitution” and the people of Venezuela. The mainstream Western media keep parroting the propaganda dictated by the embassies and the ministries of foreign affairs of the great powers.

Greeks have gained an insightful knowledge, from painful experience, with regards to the consequences of “protecting the Constitution” by violating it.  Greeks stand in solidarity with the Venezuelans, in their struggle against the blatant intervention of great powers aiming at the colonization of their country, exploitation of its resources and further impoverishment of the population.

EPAM, with its earlier statement in January, denounced the declaration of Guaido as president of Venezuela and his immediate recognition from the US and the EU.

We reiterate that regardless of any disagreements with major choices of the Maduro government, it remains an unquestionable fact, that this is the legally elected government of the country, and the government that the people of Venezuela chose to represent them.

No one but the people of each country has the right to interfere in order to either support or overthrow a democratically elected government of a sovereign state.

EPAM condemns and denounces the coup scheme by the puppet of the US and the great imperialistic interests, and voices its full support to the struggle of the Venezuelans for national independence and democracy.


Athens, 1st of May 2019

The Political Secretariat of EPAM


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