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The European Union is evolving more and more into an empire. On September 15th this year, Guy Verhofstadt, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), the EU’s chief negotiator on Brexit and leader of the EU’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe faction, spoke at a Lib.-Dem party congress of the United Kingdom:

«The world order of tomorrow is not a world order based on nation states or countries. It’s a world order based on empires… The world of tomorrow is a world of empires in which we Europeans and you British can only defend your interests, your way of life, by doing it together in a European framework and a European Union.»

This position is no different from similar positions taken by European Union leaders, such as Manuel Barroso in 2007 who said:

«Sometimes I like to compare the EU as a creation to the organization of empires. We have the dimension of Empire but there is a big difference. Empires were usually made by force with an imposing dictate center, which will affect others. Now what we have is the first non-Imperial empire. We have 27 countries that have fully decided to work together and pool their sovereignty. I believe it is a great construction and we should be proud of it. At least, we in the Commission are proud of it.»

The British Empire spoke in a similar manner when it officially recognized the status of the Dominion and Home Rule in its colonies by 1907:

«They are autonomous communities within the British Empire, equal in status, in no way subordinate to one another in any respect of their domestic or foreign affairs, though united by a common allegiance to the Crown, and freely associated as members of the British commonwealth. of nations. »

Like Barroso, the British colonialists made the same claim. Under the Dominion Status, the British Empire disguised its imperial character and appeared as a Commonwealth. Of course, the enslaved peoples of British colonialism did not share the same opinion and therefore continue to strive for total national independence and national self-determination.

If with British Empire we had the introduction of the Dominion Status into the colonies to halt the struggles of the colonial people for national liberation, with the European Union we are on a reverse track. We face the subjugation of sovereign states and peoples of Europe to the empire of the European Union.

And this empire is becoming increasingly cruel to the peoples within it as it behaves more and more like imperial Britain to the peoples under its colonial vassalage.

Member States belonging to the Imperial European Union lose their nationality and any public character in order to apply the following:

  1. Cross-border coordination of economic and social policies in accordance to European capital markets. Common policies irrespective of the particularities of each country and the application of global or supranational regulations vis-à-vis national policies, primarily relating to trade, communications, energy and infrastructure networks.
  2. Open borders to the movement of capital, trade, people. Complete cross-border freedom of movement of capital, goods and migration flows.
  3. Limitation of state sovereignty in terms of national jurisdiction. This is the meaning of the «pull sovereignty» for which Mr Barroso and the rest of the Imperial cronies of European Union are talking about.

That is why it is not meant to be a decision by a people to leave the eurozone and the European Union. The peoples leave the empires not with a mere expression of opinion, but through revolutionary and national liberation struggles.

In the case of Greece, this takes on a far more tragic dimension than any other country in the European Union. The country and its people were put under official debt bondage and the complete divestment of all state assets.

With the advent of SYRIZA the slavery of the Memorandums was completed under a rigid regime of nominal occupation. In the 3rd memorandum voted by the SYRIZA-ANEL government, ND, PASOK, in August 2015 it was enacted that no law of the state cannot even be introduced in Parliament for debate unless the European Commission’s, IMF’s and ECB’s assent is first obtained.

At the same time, the basic mechanisms of the Greek occupation and divestment regime were introduced. The Independent Public Revenue Authority and the Hellenic Public Holding Company were established.

The Independent Public Revenue Authority is a Special Purpose Company that is not subject to the control of either the government or the parliament. It is headed by an individual hired from the market after lenders approve. More specifically the nominal boss of this agency is Mr. Pitsilis, a former employee of the Hellenic Bank Association.

What is the responsibility of the Independent Public Revenue Authority? The exclusive management of all government revenue from taxes, levies and even fines for traffic offenses. Even revenues from local authorities.

With the establishment of the Independent Public Revenue Authority all Tax Authorities of the Ministry of Finance were abolished. Citizens’ tax returns are not filed with the government’s Treasury Department, but with the Independent Public Revenue Office.

The Ministry of Finance has no right to exercise control or oversight over the Independent Authority. The registration, collection and control of all indirect and direct taxes is now undertaken by the 12,000 Independent Authority employees who do not have a civil servant status but act as private tax collectors.

These are individuals who are hired by the Independent Authority to carry out checks on taxpayers without the citizens being able to protect themselves from arbitrariness. Citizens do not even have the right to bring an action against the Independent Public Revenue Authority. Just as in the case of the Ancient Regime, that is, of the late Middle Ages with tax farmers.

The sole obligation of the Independent Public Revenue Authority is to lenders. That is, to ensure that the government follow their diktat to the letter.

The second institution of the occupation regime and divestment instituted under SYRIZA at the behest of the lenders is the Hellenic Public Holding Company, which has subsidiaries the Public Property Asset Fund (analogous to the German Treuhand when West Germany annexed the East in order to divest all the property of the former German Democratic Republic), the State Real Estate Company and the Financial Stability Fund, which has facilitated the bail in and bail out of domestic systemic banks.

The Hellenic Public Holding Company is also a Special Purpose Company with the aim of collecting all public property of the Greek State, tangible and intangible. Along with the property which, according to the Constitution, must be kept out of any transaction. Such as are the archaeological sites of the country, museums, etc.

The Hellenic Public Holding Company is not subject to any institutional scrutiny by the Greek government or parliament. It is a direct counterparty to the European Stability Facility. Government is obliged to hand over permanently all public assets, along with more than 73,000 archaeological sites in the country.

All this must be at the disposal of the European Stability Mechanism in order to be exploited in case the Greek state is unable to service the bailout loans.

These institutions of occupation, as well as the tutelage το European lenders, which continues with a quarterly evaluation of the policy applied by the government, ensures that the famous exit from the memoranda is just a fairy tale.

Greece today is officially a quasi-sovereign state under the imperial power of the European Union. And under this debt peonage regime the country is constantly deteriorating.

public debt 2000-2018

As you can see there is something weird and monstrous. When Greece officially went bankrupt and led to a bailout with memorandums, public debt was just over 130% of GDP and just over 300 billion euros. But then Greece’s public debt was deemed unsustainable.

At the end of 2018 Greece’s public debt exceeded 353 billion euros and approached 200% of GDP. But nowadays the debt is considered viable by the European lenders and the IMF! Why did this happen? Because today in Greece a whole system of occupation, slavery and divestment has been instituted in favor of imperial Europe. And this is precisely what the institutional representatives of European lenders call debt sustainability.

Greece is experiencing a burst of public debt

annual loans - debt service 2013-2019

It is noteworthy that in 2018 the Greek state had to borrow more than € 845 billion annually and pay over € 820 billion in debt service. 

Which state in the world borrows more than 4 times its GDP every year?

And yet by the end of September 2019, the Greek state has borrowed more than € 772 billion in nine months to pay over € 778 billion in debt! At the end of this year, the Greek state will set a new record of total new borrowing of more than 900 billion euros. It is very likely to reach close to 1 trillion euros.

And all this on the background of unprecedented destitution of the working population.

household budget 1999-2016

The household budget deficit continues to rise, having now exceeded 20% of net disposable income. This means that the average household in Greece needs an additional 20% of its disposable income annually to meet its basic consumer spending.

This deficit is covered by lending and primarily by the sale out of household assets. Mostly real estate. That is why, and especially in the last couple of years in Greece, we have been experiencing a violent change in private ownership in favor of large and mainly foreign real estate and land speculators and investors.

The constant compression of income has led to a boom in total national debt of Greece. Not just public debt.

total debt of greece

There is a marked increase in debt to the state, which mainly concerns tax liabilities. About 4,000,000 taxpayers out of a total of 6,500,000 owe today more than 82 billion euros in arrears, or 56.5% of GDP for 2018.

IMF and European Commission talks about tax evasion while in reality there is an unprecedented failure to pay the exorbitant taxes that are levied despite and against the citizens’ tax capacity.

Given all this, one is certain. Greece will continue the free fall into the abyss of an ever-increasing debt until the last inch of its national territory either changes ownership, or becomes pray of cosmopolitan speculators and investors.



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