by Dimitris Kazakis, President of EPAM

Professionals of division, civil war and European racism are panic-stricken. Britain has voted for Brexit giving Boris Johnson an unequivocal mandate “Get the Brexit done”. That was anyway the slogan of the Tories’ electoral campaign.

The BBC predicts that the Conservatives with 43,6% of the votes obtain 364 seats, the Labour with 32,2%, get 203 seats. The Liberal Democrats with 11,5% get 12 seats, while the Scottish National Party with 3,8% 48 seats. A party needs 326 seats to secure absolute majority in the British parliament.

These elections emphasize the fact that carrying out the Brexit is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unargunable decision of the British people. And I believe that through these elections we finish with all those mean and despicable threats of a second referendum” Johnson said rendering the real meaning of the election result.

Nearly three whole years after the invocation of Article 50 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (known as the Lisbon Treaty) by the then Prime Minister Theresa Mey on the 29thof March of 2017and a barrage of wreched attacks on the common British citizens, launched in order to coercively and in a coup-like manner effect the reversal of the 2016 referendum result and keep Britain within the EU, the British and mainly the working people confirmed their initial decision beyond any doubt: Britain must leave the European Union.

I wonder, where are all those who up until yesterday anticipated that the British people had changed their minds on the Brexit? Where are all those who praised the coups of the parliament, where an unholy alliance of Labour, Liberals and nationalists, as well as every kind of European freak were attempting to prevent the implementation of Brexit by every means?

Where are all those who lacking the most elementary democratic sensibility rushed to support the judicial coup of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, which declared the referendum “consultative” attempting to bypass the verdict of the majority through disgraceful ideological clichés, which return the constitutional order of Britain to the times before Cromwell? Only this time the historical fossils of the Supreme Court did not defend the absolute monarchy against the people, as they repeatedly did in the past, but the absolutism of the European Union against the majority of British citizens.

Where are all those who in the basest way reviled the British working people for their firm decision to take their country out of the EU? Where are all those who branded the working British in cities and in the country as racists, fascists, right extremists, especially those who are experiencing  the most ruthless side of a wild capitalism – wilder than the one Thatcher wanted to impose– which was established first and foremost thanks to the European integration process, with pioneering, let us not forget, Tony Blair, the notorious war criminal for crimes against humanity and Labour Prime Minister.

All these are panic-stricken today. Mr Corbyn, leader of Labour, which has suffered a crushing defeat, announced that he is not going to head his party in another election campaign. Whatever this may mean. He will rightly pay the price for his political and ideological incapacity to realize, but also to defend the fundamental right of every working person, first and foremost of the working class, the right to national self-determination and popular sovereignty. It is impossible for the Labour leadership to comprehend what can be understood by the politically most inexperienced worker, that when the national sovereignty of your country is at stake, your primary concern is to defend it. Since without it there cannot be rights and progress for the lower classes. There cannot even be representative democracy for the people.

Mr Corbyn and his fellows thought that they could manipulate the working masses and disorient them by suppressing the main issue while shaking the scarecrow of the Tories’ thatcherism, as well as by attempting to turn the political agenda to the supposedly different policies they were putting forward. As the voters came to the polling stations Corbyn declared: «Boris Johnson will sell our NHS and that is the question. Today you vote to save our NHS. Vote for increased salaries. Vote for gratuitous child care. Vote for lower prices and bills. Vote for real change. Vote Labour

The working classes in Britain, and especially the most exhausted British working class layers, heard again and again Corbyn promising gratuitous health care and social welfare, salary hikes, nationalization of strategic sectors, fighting unemployment etc,but they didn’t hear either him or anyone else of the Labour leadership explain “how”

How, that is, can all these miracles be performed under a regime of free movement of capitals, goods and people within the European Union?

Workers by now have sufficient experience.  They know perfectly that joining the EU has costed and costs them very dearly in salaries, jobs and social achievements. Most of all they know that as long as their country finds itself within the EU they have no chance to impose a change in policies to their benefit. Inside the EU they can change governments allright, but they cannot change policies hostile to them. The British working people, especially the most worn-out and poor layers of the working class, once social and electoral foundations of the Labour Party know very well something that Corbyn, the Labour leadership and all their advisors want to ignore: The greatest danger to the NHS, Welfare, salaries and jobs in Britain emanates not from the Tories, but from the European Union.

In a Britain outside the EU the working classes know very well that they can get rid of the Tories, Johnson and teir thatcherism. They have done it in the past. With Britain inside the EU they have no say on the basic orientation of the policies implemented. 

This is confirmed not only by their experience of the situation in their own country, but also by what is happening in each and every country of the EU. In the course of 20-odd years of existence of the European Union, through the implementation of the so-called “community freedoms”  for capital and markets the working people even in the most developed countries of Europe have lost almost all their basic social and labour achievements, made possible through two centuries’ struugles. The condition of EU working people more and more resembles that of the early Industrial Revolution, a time dominated by social Darwinism, which has now been renamed neoliberalism.

That is why Brexit was and is supported by Trade Unions all over Britain. Public opinion polls, as well as exit polls of the recent elections confirm this fact once more.

So how can they take Corbyn and his promises seriously? How can they possibly not think he is a political impostor, when in the previous legislature he didn’t hesitate to ally himself with extreme neoliberal forces, like the Liberal Democrats. Let us not forget that on the 15th of September this year  Guy Verhofstadt, speaking on behalf of the European nomenclature at the LD Congress openly declared:

Tomorrow’s world order is not one based on nation states or countries. It is a world order based on empires, in which we Europeans and you British may defend your interests, your way of life, cooperating in a European framework and a European Union”

And he was applauded enthusiastically. Who was Guy Verhofstadt addressing, if not those unscrupulously nostalgic of empires and colonialism? How more racist than him were those old enthusiasts of supposedly “higher” and “lower” races, when the said Europeanist gentleman denies any people the right to national self-determination? And what is a people without self-determination other than a slave and a vassal?

Mr Corbyn and his fellows did not find anything objectionable in a political force, which seeks the replacement of the old British empire with a modern supranational empire, the European Union. Hand in hand in the previous legislature they promoted a coup to prevent Brexit.

Nor did of course Mr Corbyn and the Labour leadership hesitate to cooperate with the far right-wing National Scottish Party. In order that Brexit might not pass Corbyn’s labour bosses did not find anything exceptionable in the extreme nationalism of this particular party, which in the name of a peculiar racial ideology seeks to separate Scotland from Britain and sell it to the European Union–perhaps at a better price than the one obtained by old feudal lords of Scotland, when they sold themselves and their sharecroppers to the English monarch.

How then could Corbyn convince anyone, when he opposed the most elementary democratic sensibilities of the working class first and foremost, which his party has been manipulating for decades, and made common cause with a riffraff of defector MPs of the City in the last legislature, hysterical neoliberalists, fans of the imperial grandeur of the European Union, extreme nationalists and racists, who have no problem seeing Britain engulfed in the flames of a new war of secession and breakup of the United Kingdom. With the blessing of the bank cartel. Even Bloomberg, one of the idiopathic representatives of the most unscrupulous parasitic wealth on a global scale, could not hide their preference for Labour, provided they prevented Brexit.

So how could all these professionals of political deception not panic?. And of course, stubborn and unteachable as they are, they throw their masks away   and show their fascist faces. «BBC’s Exit Poll foresees that the Tories will get 70-odd seats. If so, this would be a victory of the old over the young, of the racists over the persons of colour, of egoism over the planet. Scotland will leave the United Kingdom». Thus spoke Paul Mason, Corbyn’s great advisor and a fan of double currency! 

How profoundly racist – of the old well-known kind that knew how to impose the interests of the “planet” or “inhabited earth” on the “egoisms” of the indigenous all over the world through genocides and ethnic cleansings – must one be, if blind to the obvious:The fact that the majority of the British, and in particular of the most humble and downtrodden of the working classes, assert the right to their national self-determination. The right to have a say. The right to make decisions on the course of their own country.

How profoundly imperialist must one be, if incapable of perceiving the obvious?

Does the election result make sure that Britain will carry out the Brexit? No, it only destroys the narrative of the official propaganda that the British have changed their mind. The imperial forces of the europeanists are regrouping to prevent Britain leaving the EU. And bribery will be rampant. Just as in the previous legislature.

Besides, the Tories may have won the majority in the House of Parliament under the banner of “Get the Brexit Done”, but that is not enough. What will be their priority? A clean Brexit or perhaps an agreement with the EU, which may be called Brexit without being Brexit? How long will Johnson’s new compact parliamentary majority resist the charm of apostasy?Let us not forget that a large amount of money is at stake for Europe’s banking cartel.

And above all, how will he be able to handle the threat of Scotland’s and Northern Ireland’s secession from Britain, now that the Sin Fein has prevailed?  I think this will be one of the strong cards, which the political representatives of imperial Europe are going to use, in ordrer to prevent the desired Brexit or to adulterate it completely.

The only effective reaction to the threats of civil war and partition of the Iagos of European Integration is the immediate, without the least delay, exit of Britain from the EU with a parallel strengthening of  the position and social rights of labour in the UK. Only a return to the economic and social policies of the post-war years with as a lever nationalizations, social welfare, full and permanent employment, high salaries, mainly in a dynamically developing primary and secondary sector can frustrate the plans of partition of Britain by the forces of imperial Europe..

Can Johnson’s Tories meet such a challenge”

If not, one thing is certain. Division around Brexit will grow stronger and deeper. It will take on unprecedented dimensions. Unprecedented  even for British history.


Published on December 13th 2019

Translated in English by Giorgos Malfas


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