An historic day for the peoples of Europe, a great victory for the British People!

As of today Great Britain is a free country! Free from absurd commitments, free from imposed political choices, which are neither controlled by its people nor beneficial to them, but only to an impersonal despotic construct and the tens of lobbies that actually rule it.

The British people has fought a brave battle and won it. They were not intimidated by propaganda, they were not frightened by the scarecrow of dire “consequences”, which the supporters of the EU kept making up in order to terrorize them, they defended their choice to the bitter end and emerged victorious! A choice for Freedom, Dignity, national sovereignty, a choice for Democracy.

As of today government powers return to Great Britain. As of today it is up to the British people to determine the policies of their country. To choose the government they wish to have, a government that will be accountable to its people instead of to foreign political centres. And to change it, if disappointed by it, so that there can be a real change of policies. Because inside the EU no matter how many governments you change they will always walk along much the same line, dictated from abroad.

The United People’s Front EPAM hails Great Britain’s leaving the European Union and expresses its warmest congratulations to the British people on this historic victory. The Liberation of Great Britain is the first major blow delivered to the EU.

May this become a guiding light to all European peoples, to gain optimism, hope and first of all overcome the fear of “what might happen after”. May this be the beginning of the end for this fascist construct and the beginning of a new Europe of free peoples!

Athens, the 1st of February 2020

The Political Secretariat of EPAM


You can read the article in Greek here.


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