Who We Are


• EPAM (United People’s Front) was founded on 16 July 2011, following the dramatic events of May 2010 when Greece lost its national and popular sovereignity and the resistance of the people square-gatherings in almost every major Greek city.

• EPAM is open to everybody regardless of political beliefs or social status.


1. Unilateral debt repudiation according to the international law.

2. Cancellation of all memoranda and international treaties signed since 2010 with the IMF, the EU and the ECB.

3. Exit from the European Union and the eurozone , and return to national currency.

4. Nationalization of the major banks starting from the Bank of Greece, in order to control the economy, to redefine the credit policy and to control capital traffic.

5. Trial and punishment of all those responsible for the bankrupcy and the loss of sovereignity of the country.

6. New Constitution.



    1. EPAM does not believe in open borders politics. As a political frontex we believe that Greece should not act as a human storage mechanism; we can observe that this is occurring due to the refugee problem nowadays, because it is not progressive for both sides (Greece and refugees or immigrants). This kind of false internationalism is helping only the large financial capital, suspected non governmental organizations and modern slave trade. We believe Greece should give all the needed help for immigrants and refugees in order to move to their ideal destination. So we are against large scale immigration and not against immigrants of refugees, because it is happening only in conditions of war, extreme poverty etc. People should live first of all in their home countries and not be victims of this modern slave trade. That’s what EPAM is fighting to do in Greece. To make Greece once again an ideal state for its people.

      1. Hello. Thanks for the reply. I believe you are missing the bigger picture!! These are not all refugees from war torn countries!! Many are just economic refugees!! They do not and will not assimilate in Europe!! Islam is not a religion of peace!! Much of these refugees ( trespassers) are being funded by George Soros to create a clash of civilizations!! How is it that other countries like Poland, Hungary and many others get it but you and I have to have a debate about it !? Europe is being turned into shithole right in front of us and your eyes and your defending the rapefugees instead of your own native population!!? Greeks are not getting services but refugees are!! If a Greek does something wrong !?? The book is thrown at them but the rapefugees are released with slap on the wrist it is they who are ungrateful and raping and robbing and unreported bias BS by the Media!!!

        This is why I can not support EPAM!. Thanks for letting me know you are just another Bolshevik tool of the left!!

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