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Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos’ intervention at the 3rd international NO-EURO Forum

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What do Dublin,Geneva and Schengen have in common? They are three European cities where important agreements on refugees and the free movement of people have been signed.

The UN Geneva Convention of 1951 relating to the status of refugees  gives the definition of the term refugee and regulates the obligations of States towards asylum seekers and  describes the rights and obligations of refugees. (more…)

D. Kazakis at the 3rd international NO-EURO forum



EPAM’s General Secretary Dimitris Kazakis at the opening (subject : “EUROPEAN UNION: WHY IT CAN NOT BE REFORMED, WHY IT MUST BE DISMANTLED”) and closing (subject: “STRATEGIES AND ALLIANCES FOR THE LIBERATION OF PEOPLES”) plenary meeting of the 3rd international NO-EURO forum, Chianciano Terme, Italy, September 16-18 2016. Interpretation by Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, Ambassador a.H., member of the National Coordination Council of EPAM.

Is Europe Doomed By Vassalage To Washington?

By Paul Craig Roberts


“One Ring to rule them all . . . and in the darkness bind them.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

World War II resulted in Europe being conquered, not by Berlin but by Washington.

The conquest was certain but not all at once. Washington’s conquest of Europe resulted from the Marshall Plan, from fears of Stalin’s Red Army that caused Europe to rely on Washington’s protection and to subordinate Europe’s militaries to Washington in NATO, from the replacement of the British pound as world reserve currency with the US dollar, and from the long process of the subordination of the sovereignty of individual European countries to the European Union, a CIA initiative implemented by Washington in order to control all of Europe by controlling only one unaccountable government.