Athens meeting



April 5th 2017, the fighter of democracy, justice and independence of his country (and of all countries) and former head of the Finnish antiEU party IPU (Party of Independence), Antti Pesonen, passed away after a tough battle with cancer.

Antti Pesonen participated in the International Congress organized by EPAM on 31.11 and 1.12.2013. In his speech he referred not only to the detrimental consequences for all the countries’ participating to the EU and the Eurozone, to their justice, equality, democracy and national sovereignty but also to – as he calls them – ‘imbalances’ (social, between the economy and civil society and between human needs and natural resources), and therefore, the resulting disasters and tensions in the dominant economic model of today.  He also stressed that the requirements imposed by this model for unbridled and virtually unnecessary growth, cause extreme destruction of the environment and, the waste of finite and irreplaceable natural resources.

His contribution to the International Congress follows : (more…)

Dimitris Kazakis’ interview on Dialogos Radio 03.02.2014

Michael Nevradakis: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is Dimitris Kazakis, the economist and the general secretary of EPAM, Greece’s United Popular Front.  Mr. Kazakis, thank you for joining us today.

Dimitris Kazakis: Thank you for having me.

Michael Nevradakis:Let’s begin with a discussion about Greece’s current presidency of the European Union?  How do you respond to Greece taking over the EU’s rotating presidency and to the recent statements that we heard from Greek and European politicians regarding the supposed progress that has been made by Greece?

Dimitris Kazakis:  I believe that we find ourselves in a situation where all European citizens are beginning to understand that the European Union, or what was described by Jose Manuel Barroso and Mario Draghi as (more…)