A short story of how a country can default in a few days

An example of what the systemic establishment calls as “conspiracy theory” and a story from the recent past we must not forget


In 2000, Greece agreed with Goldman Sachs in a funding program (Ariadne), which has been renewed with new terms in 2001 leading to a second program (Aeolos), to supply money to the country. Greece granted the lenders the rights in using airports and gambling.
The nature of this financial product was such that, lending appeared as selling and allowed Greece to (more…)

The Wall Street Journal : Greek Government Bonds Pay Off Big for Fund Managers

WALL STREET JOURNAL :  Πώς οι διαχειριστές αμοιβαίων της Eurobank και Εθνικής έβγαλαν τις μεγαλυτερες αποδόσεις παγκοσμίως απο τα ομόλογα του Ελλ. Δημοσίου.

John Gikas, left, and Aris Papageorgakopoulos manage funds that have returned over 100% in the past year by betting on Athens debt. Alkis Konstantinidis for The Wall Street Journal

The best-performing bond-fund managers in the world this year aren’t in London, New York or California. They are based in Athens.

Panos Simos of NBG Asset Management and Aris Papageorgakopoulos and John Gikas of Eurobank (more…)

17.06.2013 – Greek Bail-Out: 77% went into the Financial Sector

Attac investigation shows: EU crisis management policy saves banks, not the general population

Μετάφραση στα ελληνικά

Since March 2010, the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have applied 23 tranches comprising €206,9 billion to the so-called “Greek bail-out”. They have however provided hardly any documentation on the exact usage of those huge amounts of public funds. ATTAC Austria has therefore put up an investigation on the issue: At least 77% of the bail-out money can directly or indirectly be attributed to the financial sector. (more…)