What are they hiding about the USA attack on Syria?

By DimitrisKazakis *

What are the events that led to the first direct military attack against the Syrian goverment by the USA? ’On the morning of the 4th of April, in the Khan Shaykhun region, the Syrian airforce bombarded civilians with chemical weapons.’

Video montage and Gebelism

This was the accusation put forward by the jihadists who control the region. They presented a video, a product of malicious editing, with  somebody presented as a volunteer doctor, who was later recognised as a criminal known to the British justice for his involvement in terrorism and abductions. (more…)




par Dimitris Kazakis

Alors que le « hot spot » qui se trouve dans le nord de l’ile de Lesbos (site de Moria) périssait dans les flammes et que l’île de Crète se révolte contre la décision du gouvernement de satisfaire l’exigence de l’Allemagne d’y transférer plus de 3.000 « réfugiés » expulsés d’Allemagne, M. Tsipras s’est trouvé à N. York devant l’ONU. Apparition glamour pour faire des photos de presse, sans contenu autre que ses mensonges habituels.


How could i silence myself

A co-production of the Pan-Cretan Network against the Industrial Renewable Energy Sources and the Polites TV (TV by the Citizens) about the recent invasion of industrial “green energy” sources in Crete. The video deals with the seizure of vital space against the primary production section (agriculture- animal husbandry) and the huge consequences on the human and natural landscape.

It refers to the uncontrollable and without any previous planning for the positioning of the Renewable Energy Sources parks, even on protected areas, with one and only intention: the profits of the companies from the energy sale, in the name of an uncertain and illegitimate “development”.

The citizens of Crete resist, organize and fight against the infringement of their land in any possible way.

For the creation of the movie archive videos were given by IndigoView (Th. Papadoulakis) and the web tv Polites TV. Extracts from the movie “Apopigadi: today it’s us, tomorrow it will be you” as well as different relevant plans and photos from the web were also used.

Music abstracts:
Stelios Petrakis: “Voreia Monopatia” ( Northern Paths)

S. Xarhakos- K. Kindynis- N. Xylouris: “Pos na sopaso” (How could I silence myself)