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Financial Times : Schäuble revives push for eurozone integration

Germany is pushing for changes to EU treaties “as soon as possible” after the May European elections, in an overhaul to fuse eurozone economic governance behind a budget chief and euro area parliament.

In interviews, speeches and articles, Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, has given urgency and political impetus to Berlin’s longstanding ideas for a refashioned and more centralised eurozone.


Greece in Crisis

Even though it has not been on the agenda during the past electoral campaign in Germany, the crisis in the countries of the Euro area persists. The national crises of Euro countries are an expression of the ongoing global economic crisis. Whether Ireland, Spain, Portugal or Greece, the dramatic developments in these countries which are hit especially hard are particular and local manifestations of a global phenomenon, embedded in the specific socio-historic contexts of each country.

In Greece, Europe’s country of concern No. 1, things have developed so dramatically that we have to talk about a constitutional crisis – not only economically but in all aspects of Greek social life. Be it a (more…)