EPAM sur la violence policière de Place Syntagma

Des criminels portant les armoiries nationales!

Hier 21 janvier lors du rassemblement sur la place Syntagma (Constitition), les criminels se sont avérés experts du genre. En effet, face à une immense foule, qui s’était réunie pour manifester contre la livraison de leur heritage national sacré (le nom de la Macédoine), ils ont élaboré et appliqué un plan d’ encerclement, se montrant indifférents au danger bien réel de causer des victimes parmi les manifestants. (more…)

The unprecedented genocide of the Greek people

by Dimitris Kazakis

About 36.000 souls were lost from Greece’s population just in 2017 due to the difference between the soaring numbers of deaths and the new, even bigger, drop in births. That is, an average sized Greek town was lost in 2017; something like Tripolis.

We didn’t have such an amount of casualties during the war against the invading Italian and German forces in 1940-41, in which the Greek casualties were in the vicinity of about 14.000. (more…)

Genocide of the Greek Nation

by Paul Graig Roberts

The political and media coverup of the genocide of the Greek Nation began yesterday (August 20) with European Union and other political statements announcing that the Greek Crisis is over. What they mean is that Greece is over, dead, and done with. It has been exploited to the limit, and the carcass has been thrown to the dogs.