William Mallinson to RT on Germany sending refugees back to Greece

Remark : William Mallinson accidentally confused Libya and Syria in one sentence.



Συνέντευξη του πρέσβη ε.τ Λεωνίδα Χρυσανθόπουλου στη Λουξεμβουργιανή εφημερίδα Quotidien σχετικά με την απελευθέρωση από την γερμανική κατοχή



The EU and the attack on European workers’ wages

Η ΕΕ και η επίθεση στους μισθούς των Ευρωπαίων εργαζομένων

Five years after the Wall Street crash of September 2008, figures compiled by Britain’s House of Commons Library on wage rates in the 27-member European Union show that workers’ living standards have been thrown into sharp reverse.

The statistics belie claims that the euro zone has “turned the corner” with a modest rise in growth over the last quarter. The situation is particularly acute in those countries that have been subject to the dictates of the “troika”—the EU, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)—which has overseen massive cuts in social spending as demanded by the international banks.

In Greece, wages have fallen by 11.3 percent since the autumn of 2010 [EPAM-International’s comment: the actual wage reduction is much bigger!]. The UK’s Institute for Fiscal Studies has (more…)

Final Countdown

Global inflation has begun : the elites tremble before the wrath of the dupes

Deutscher Text  /  Μετάφραση στα ελληνικά Italiano

The dramatic collapse of young economies in the world are the first signs announcing the crash of the world financial system. The debt tsunami is rolling . It will lead to an inflation of anger against those whose goal is the exploitation of the world. The end will be painful, says Marc Faber. Christine Lagarde speaks about the breaking of a dam, against which defense lines need to be built up. But the attackers act in self-defense;  millions of people are starting to rebel against the financial system. The situation is changing.


Caption: Revolutions always break out when those in power believe that they can lever a piece of bread into a piece of cake ( leverage). The storming of the Bastille  in 1793 , Charles Thévenin .

The alchemists of the global financial system start getting nervous. (more…)


Greg Palast: Why Are the Greek People Agreeing to Their Own Destruction?

By Michael Nevradakis, Truthout – Interview
English text follows greek summary

Ο Greg Palast είναι οικονομολόγος, ερευνητής-δημοσιογράφος και συγγραφέας βιβλίων best seller και δε φοβάται να «τα βάλει» με ισχυρούς πολιτικούς και οικονομικούς παράγοντες κάνοντας αποκαλύψεις γι αυτούς και τα έργα τους.

Στη συνέντευξη στον Μιχάλη Νεβραδάκη λέει πως η Ελλάδα είναι τόπος εγκλήματος. Ότι πεθαίνει και οι αιτίες είναι η λιτότητα και το ευρώ. «Η λιτότητα σε περίοδο ύφεσης είναι θανατική καταδίκη». Κριτικάρει έντονα τις ιδιωτικοποιήσεις, ιδιαίτερα του νερού και της ενέργειας, αλλά και την πώληση των μεταλλείων χρυσού στις Σκουριές έναντι ευτελούς τιμήματος : «σάς κλέβουν το χρυσό σας».

Για τον Palast η λύση είναι να φύγει η Ελλάδα από το ευρώ. «Πιστέψτε με, είναι σαν να ζείτε σε αποικία λεπρών. Το ευρώ είναι ένα τερατώδες κατασκεύασμα. Δεν έχει να κάνει με ζώνη ακμάζοντος (more…)

Who profits from the bailouts

(Reuters) – Throughout Europe’s debt crisis, northern European leaders have often said they will not stand for taxpayers having to fork out for other countries’ problems, and the notion of “taxpayer-funded bailouts” has taken root.


Yet despite three-and-a-half years of debt and banking turmoil, with bailouts totaling more than 400 billion euros, northern euro zone taxpayers have not actually lost a cent.

What is more, governments in Germany, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands and France have saved billions of euros thanks to a sharp fall in how much they pay to raise money in financial markets since their borrowing costs have dropped steeply.

But that has not prevented the image taking root in voters’ minds of hard working northern Europeans putting money on the line to rescue profligate, work-shy southerners, fuelling resentment and undermining Europe’s unity.

In the run up to German elections in September, that resentment is only likely to grow, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, bidding for a third term in office, will have to reaffirm her commitment to protect voters from potential losses.

But the truth remains that German taxpayers, as well as those in Finland, the Netherlands and elsewhere, are no worse off at all, and their finance ministries have racked up savings.

“As an unintentional consequence of the crisis, Finland has benefited enormously,” said Martti Salmi, the head of international and EU affairs at Finland’s ministry of finance.

“We have not lost a cent so far,” he told Reuters. “The same as for Germany very much holds for Finland.” (more…)