Was bei diesem Wahlkampf auf dem Spiel steht

Am Sonntag, den 7. Juli 2019, finden in Griechenland Parlamentswahlen statt. Nach den ersten Umfragen steht als Sieger mit 37% die Partei der Nea Dimokratia (Kyriakos Mitsotakis), die Partei SYRIZA (Alexis Tsipras) kommt auf 25%. Dimitris Kazakis stellt hier zwei kleinere Parteien, EPAM und AKKEL vor, die zusammen den Wahlkampf beschreiten.

Die Zusammenarbeit der Partei ΕΠΑΜ (Ενιαίο Παλλαϊκό Μέτωπο – Einheitliche Volksfront) mit der Partei Α.Κ.Κ.ΕΛ. (Αγροτικό Κτηνοτροφικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας – Landwirtschaftliche Viehzuchtpartei Griechenlands) ist der Ausgangspunkt für die Schaffung eines starken Pols patriotischer, demokratischer und antimemorandischer Kräfte mit dem Ziel, die Besetzung Griechenlands von den Mächten der Memoranden zu kippen, die demokratische Verfassung und das Wohlergehen der arbeitenden Menschen in diesem Land wiederherzustellen. (more…)

“The greek debt : a european tragedy” OR “What will happen to all EU-member states”

In French, subtitles in many languages (choose subtitle’s language).

This video describes the current situation in Greece and the future situation in all EU member-states!


Press Release : Events organised by EPAM in Europe on March 25th



Protests of EPAM (United Popular Front) in London, Paris and the Hague on the occasion of the National Day of March 25 th.

Within the framework of the struggle that EPAM is waging to inform world public opinion about the violation of human rights that are being made in Greece because of the austerity measures, and on the occasion of the National Day of March 25 th , the following events are being organized on Saturday March 25 th .

1.London. Demonstration outside of the Greek Embassy at 12.00 requesting the restoration of human rights to the people of Greece. The UN report describing these violations that are a result of the austerity measures will be submitted to the Embassy. The demonstration is organized in cooperation with the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB).

2.Paris. Demonstration outside of the Greek Embassy at 11.00 with the same request. The demonstration is organized in cooperation with the Committee for a New Resistance (Comité pour une Nouvelle Resistance) and the Front for a Sovereign People, an Independent France and a social Republic (Rassemblement du Peuple Souverain, pour une France Indépendante et une Republique Sociale).

3.The Hague.Demonstration outside of the Greek Embassy at 12.30 with the same request.The demonstration is organized by EPAM-Benelux.

EPAM calls upon the people of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands to show their solidarity to the suffering people of Greece by participating in these demonstrations.

C.I.B. congratulates L. Chrysanthopoulos on his speech at the Schiller Institute international conference

Dear Mr Chrysanthopoulos,

On behalf of the Campaign for an Independent Britain I wish to congratulate you on your excellent speech in Berlin.

In November/December 2013 I had the honour of giving a speech in Athens at the International Conference on Debt, National Currency and Democracy organised by EPAM.

I hope that by achieving “BREXIT” we have given encouragement to others that by standing up to the Establishment and educating the populous on the reality of  the true designs of the EU, that they can get what is right for their  own country.

As you stated, we in the UK did the unthinkable as far as the Establishment were concerned. They tried to bully us with threats , but like our friends the Greeks we do not take kindly to this and the people of the UK saw through the lies and deceits .

On behalf of the C.I.B I wish to convey our appreciation of your speeches and request that we be kept informed of your efforts in the future and hopefully realise a relationship beneficial to our shared cause.

With our very best wishes,

Jim Reynolds
Hon. Secretary & Vice Chairman
Campaign for an Independent Britain

The speech of Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos (Video )