The head of the International Relations sector of the United People’s Front, Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, along with other members attended the conference and had the chance to discuss on the human rights violation that is taking place in Greece due to the EU austerity measures.

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SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW: They live among us… (A message from the Greek People’s Resistance)


We see them, but we act as if we don’t. There are some people, who have escaped the “system”. We hear them, but we act as if we cannot hear them. There are some people, who always were free. We feel them, but we pretend that they do not exist. We will not see them wrapped in flags, whatever they may be, red, blue, striped or black. They will not spit out derogatory comments about your particular ideas or values. They will not be pushing their ideology or religion to you and you will never see them seated or at the forefront at the high positions of high society. It’s not that all of these things are bad by definition, that’s not really the reason for bringing these things up. I just want to show that today, right now, NONE of these things are of value and essential. Appearances are not enough. What we need now, are real and effective ACTIONS!