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Alors que le « hot spot » qui se trouve dans le nord de l’ile de Lesbos (site de Moria) périssait dans les flammes et que l’île de Crète se révolte contre la décision du gouvernement de satisfaire l’exigence de l’Allemagne d’y transférer plus de 3.000 « réfugiés » expulsés d’Allemagne, M. Tsipras s’est trouvé à N. York devant l’ONU. Apparition glamour pour faire des photos de presse, sans contenu autre que ses mensonges habituels.



Crowdsourced lobby exposé shows Internet giants have footprints on our data privacy laws

One of the biggest lobby offensives in recent years has been raining down on Brussels, as American internet giants have taken fright at the prospect of new data privacy laws proposed for the EU. But it turns out that an alarmed Amazon or enraged eBay are aggressive animals, with friends in high places. The result of this massive lobby effort has been revealed by a new crowdsourced lobby transparency project, LobbyPlag, which shows how MEPs have copy-pasted amendments written by IT multinationals directly into the EU’s new data protection law.

New internet data privacy proposals

The proposed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes a ‘right to be forgotten’, which would compel companies to permanently delete or hand over all data they hold on a person on request. It would also require web businesses to gain explicit consent from individual users to collect their information and use it for a particular purpose. This would create a real barrier for the invasive but profitable business strategy of online data collection and profiling of individuals. Moreover, it would give national regulators the ability to fine companies up to 2 percent of their annual sales for not complying.

Lobby wars…

The proposed data protection regulation is currently being looked at by the European Parliament, and it is there that aggressive and fruitful lobbying is taking place, by US multinationals like eBay and Amazon, Facebook and Google, as well as digital technology lobby platform ‘Digital Europe’ (whose members include all the big IT names, like Apple, Blackberry, IBM and Microsoft) and Amcham EU – the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union – a hugely well-resourced and controversial US lobby group. Green MEP Eva Lichtenberger dubbed it “one of the biggest lobby wars of all times”. Commissioner Reding, who proposed the legislation, described the lobbying as “absolutely fierce – I have not seen such a heavy lobbying operation”. And Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrechtcondemned the lobby offensive as coming from “a wish list of companies that do not pursue harmonization of data protection in the EU, but complete deregulation.” (more…)