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On April 27 2014, is scheduled to start the destruction of 100 tonnes of chemical weapons of the 1400 tonnes that were sold to Syria by the War Industries. The decommissioning process, with the method of hydrolysis, is scheduled to take place in international waters between Crete (Greece), Libya, Italy and Malta, under the auspices of the UN, NATO and the European Union. This dangerous experiment will occur for the first time at sea, as the candidate countries, Albania, Belgium, Norway, etc., refused the destruction of these weapons on their territory, despite the strong countervailing benefits that they were offered.


Press Release on the neutralization of chemical weapons in the Mediterranean

The Political Secretariat of the Unified Popular Front (EPAM) expresses its strong concern for the operation to neutralize the chemical weapons of Assad with the system of hydrolysis that will take place in the Mediterranean. Since it is the first time in the history of humanity that the neutralization of chemical weapons is attempted in the open sea with such a system, there are justified fears for destructive consequences for the entire Mediterranean sea in case of an accident or spillage of residues. (more…)