Germans Have Right to Oppose Migration, Greece Threatened by NATO Takeover. One of the most intelligent and interesting Greek politicians talks on different topics and today`s main geopolitical issues.

Joshua Tartakovsky                                                                                               17 March 16

One year ago, while in Athens, Greece, I interviewed Mr. Dimitris Kazakis, leader of United Popular Front (EPAM), a popular Left movement that emerged from the anti-memorandum protests of 2011. Mr. Kazakis is an erudite speaker, a socialist economist, and one who knows both the terrain of the social struggle and the high-end banking sector in London where he worked for many years.


Μichalis Nevradakis’ interview with Professor Francis Boyle

The transcript of Dialogos Radio’s interview with international lawyer and professor Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois. This interview aired on our broadcasts for the week of February 18-24, 2016. Find the podcast of this interview here.

MN: Joining us today on Dialogos Radio and the Dialogos Interview Series is international lawyer and professor of international law at The University of Illinois Dr. Francis Boyle. Boyle has served as legal counsel to the Palestinian Authority, to Hawaiian independence groups, and served on the legal team which led to the conviction of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for war crimes. Professor Boyle, welcome to our program today.


Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine

by Paul Craig Roberts

The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU. (more…)

EXPOSED – Who Exactly Are These Human Rights Organisations Protecting?

Many questions have been asked, why the Human Rights organisations are not doing enough to help the Syrian people and why they would rather defending the actions of the Al Qaeda Terrorists who are killing innocent Syrians? It is not as if they do not have the evidence of this, because the terrorists film every evil murder and when they need more attention make a massacre, but still they are supported by the West and the Human Rights organisations, which are supported by the West.

by Womens Rights Advocate

Most of the information in the Western media comes mainly from two sources. One of these is The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This so called Human Rights Organisation is a cover for a member of the Free Syrian Army, by one man who left Syria many years ago and has been supporting the terrorists from the start and is funded by the  EU. It is amazing how the EU fund people who cause war and spread lies, but do not fund those who work for peace. The EU received the peace prize, but supports war.

His name is Rami Abdul Rahman, who fled to the England in 2000 to escape jail in Syria. A known criminal which the British immigration allowed him to settle there. He works out of his flat in Coventry and spreads lying propaganda to the Media and to William Hague in London.

On several occasions we have noticed that this man, who is nothing more than a spokesperson for the FSA reporting terrorist attacks before they have actually happened. On another occasion he told of a car bomb being detonated in Aleppo with several deaths and many injuries. In fact, the Syrian Army intercepted the car bomb and made it safe, there was no explosion and no one was hurt. Obviously he was getting the information directly from the terrorists who had planted the car bomb. Yet Reuters and Associated Press, get all of their information about Syria from this man and still continue to, even though it is well known that he is the front man for FSA/Al Qaeda. The Israeli bombing was announced by him to the media just before it happened and the Terrorists had all their cameras set up waiting for the attack. The Syrians woke up in the morning not knowing what had happened, but this man in Coventry knew all about it as it happened. That is why all the news was coming out about it in the US first. As the opposition, he is probably funded by the US too. (more…)