Letter from EPAM Holargos-Papagos to Mr.Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos


Comrade Leonidas……We are honored

The removal of the title of Ambassador ad honorem from Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos by the tripartite occupation government did not surprise us. It could not have been done differently.

Whoever disagrees, denounces and resists must be hit, punished and dishonored. Particularly those who can, by exposing and with arguments, reveal the true face of the monster. The junta regime. It matters not who is resisting or what that person has offered. It does not matter if it is a simple worker citizen, or a diplomatic attaché or even a whole village or region, a collective unit. The junta is determined  either randomly or with a plan to eliminate any voice of resistance that dares to be raised. Any opposition.

For those who know well Mr.Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, we have no doubt about the humbleness, democratic and fighting spirit that qualify him. We witness them on a daily basis during our actions and meetings. In his impartial contribution to the front line of struggle. Thus we can understand in which way all the previous years he fought for  the Greek colors, either  as Ambassador or as Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization.

The political persecution of Mr.Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos,confirms in an absolute way, the reactionary character of the quisling tripartite government against  Democracy, the Nation and the people of Greece.

If the government thinks by removing an honorary title, it can weaken our struggle, it is mistaken. On the contrary it gives us a greater persistence. Because today, honor is defined as persecution of any kind and silencing of those who do not want to go along with illegal practices of abolishing democratic rights and freedoms.


Comrade Leonidas………We are honored.


EPAM Holargos-Papagos

April 10,2013


Mr.Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos is a member of EPAM Holargos-Papagos


SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW: They live among us… (A message from the Greek People’s Resistance)


We see them, but we act as if we don’t. There are some people, who have escaped the “system”. We hear them, but we act as if we cannot hear them. There are some people, who always were free. We feel them, but we pretend that they do not exist. We will not see them wrapped in flags, whatever they may be, red, blue, striped or black. They will not spit out derogatory comments about your particular ideas or values. They will not be pushing their ideology or religion to you and you will never see them seated or at the forefront at the high positions of high society. It’s not that all of these things are bad by definition, that’s not really the reason for bringing these things up. I just want to show that today, right now, NONE of these things are of value and essential. Appearances are not enough. What we need now, are real and effective ACTIONS!