William Mallinson on RT on May 18, 2017

O William Mallinson στο RT για το 4ο μνημόνιο (με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους)





Συνέντευξη του πρέσβη ε.τ Λεωνίδα Χρυσανθόπουλου στη Λουξεμβουργιανή εφημερίδα Quotidien σχετικά με την απελευθέρωση από την γερμανική κατοχή



La catástrofe de Grecia después de la elección del gobierno actual SYRIZA-ANEL

Συμμετοχή του μέλους του ΕΠΑΜ Χριστίνας Κόμη στο θερινό πανεπιστήμιο Campus Praxis στη Βαλένθια της Ισπανίας, 14-15 ιουλίου 2016, διοργάνωση των κινημάτων Socialismo Siglo 21 και Plataforma Salir del Euro. Παρακάτω σύντομη περιγραφή του περιεχομένου της εσήγησής της στα ισπανικά και ελληνικά.

Christina Komi, miembro del EPAM (Frente Unida Popular) da un resumen de la catástrofe de Grecia después de la elección del gobierno actual SYRIZA-ANEL. Sigue una breve descripción del contenido de la conferencia.


Migration als Waffe


Der griechische Marxist Dimitris Kazakis ist ein entschiedener Gegner der Regierung in Athen. Angesichts der illegalen Masseneinwanderung warnt er die Deutschen vor einem Bürgerkrieg.


Dimitris Kazakis ist keiner, der sich ohne weiteres das Wort verbieten läßt. In Reden und in Interviews tritt der Vorsitzende der linksnationalen Partei „Vereinigte Volksfront“ (EPAM) energisch und volksnah auf, ohne dabei seinen wissenschaftlichen Anspruch preiszugeben. Ohne Zweifel: Kazakis gehört zu den politischen Querköpfen, die jenseits der klassischen Links-rechtsSchablonen denken. Viele Jahre lang arbeitete der griechische Wirtschaftswissenschaftler im Londoner Finanzsektor, heute gehört der Patriot und Marxist in Griechenland zu den schärfsten Kritikern des Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF), der Euro-Währung und der Bankenrettungs-Politik der EU. (more…)


Germans Have Right to Oppose Migration, Greece Threatened by NATO Takeover. One of the most intelligent and interesting Greek politicians talks on different topics and today`s main geopolitical issues.

Joshua Tartakovsky                                                                                               17 March 16

One year ago, while in Athens, Greece, I interviewed Mr. Dimitris Kazakis, leader of United Popular Front (EPAM), a popular Left movement that emerged from the anti-memorandum protests of 2011. Mr. Kazakis is an erudite speaker, a socialist economist, and one who knows both the terrain of the social struggle and the high-end banking sector in London where he worked for many years.


Part of the Slovenian “United Left” against euro

A rally for the Initiative for Democratic Socialism in Ljubljana, Slovenia on April 30, 2013. Borut Krajnc

A rally for the Initiative for Democratic Socialism in Ljubljana, Slovenia on April 30, 2013. Borut Krajnc

Τhe European Union has proven itself unable to cope with economic and political crisis — but they are hardly powerless. The experience of Syriza in powerhas shown just that.

The defeat by transnational capital — embodied in the European institutions — was one that had parallels in the challenges that faced the French left in the 1980s and other attempts at left government. It seems that the modern European left has two choices only: to accommodate to neoliberalism — and abandon most of its ambitions — or get entangled in hopeless struggles with the EU.


Is Another Europe possible?

by Danny Nicol, Professor of Public Law at the University of Westminster


Danny NicolIs the European Union an empty vessel into which any political content may be poured? Can it accommodate not just neoliberal conservatism but also Keynesian social democracy, hard-line greenery and even pro-nationalisation democratic socialism? A new UK campaign, “Another Europe is Possible”, would have us believe this, and is touting for votes in the EU referendum on the basis that the Union can be changed into a more socialistic entity, “not [by] a network of politicians but grassroots activists across the UK”. The same optimism is apparent in the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM 2025) in which Mr Yanis Varoufakis looms large. With the ferocity of tigers protecting their young, these progressives attack those who single out the EU as a hotbed of neoliberalism. ‘Can you name an institution not dominated by neoliberalism?’ argued Marina Prentoulis of Syriza UK at the launch of “Another Europe”: ‘National governments are pushing a neoliberal agenda too’.