EPAM strongly denounces the closure of the Turkish newspaper ZAMAN that confirms the lack of freedom of the press in our neighbouring country. It is observed that the method of closure has some similarities to the closure of ERT two years ago. Thus it is confirmed that Turkey is following the European standards of freedom of the press and this is why nobody should be surprised that the EU summit with Turkey will normally be held on Monday, March 7. However, the EU cannot be absolved from its responsibilities for the genocide of the Kurdish population of Turkey and the destruction of their cities in Southeast Turkey, which, among other things, create conditions for a new wave of refugees.

Monday,March 7,2016

Final Countdown

Global inflation has begun : the elites tremble before the wrath of the dupes

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The dramatic collapse of young economies in the world are the first signs announcing the crash of the world financial system. The debt tsunami is rolling . It will lead to an inflation of anger against those whose goal is the exploitation of the world. The end will be painful, says Marc Faber. Christine Lagarde speaks about the breaking of a dam, against which defense lines need to be built up. But the attackers act in self-defense;  millions of people are starting to rebel against the financial system. The situation is changing.


Caption: Revolutions always break out when those in power believe that they can lever a piece of bread into a piece of cake ( leverage). The storming of the Bastille  in 1793 , Charles Thévenin .

The alchemists of the global financial system start getting nervous. (more…)