Portraits of Greece in Crisis: a new documentary project

By Tamara van der Putten On March 28, 2013 Portraits of Greece in Crisis is a new series of documentaries about the Greek crisis created to fulfill the need for an alternative crisis narrative.   Press release via PortraitsofGreeceinCrisis.com Portraits of Greece in Crisis is a series of independent and self-funded mini-documentaries about the Greek crisis. An ongoing project that was created … Continue reading Portraits of Greece in Crisis: a new documentary project

Vio.Me. Occupy, Resist, Produce

Solidarity to the struggle of the workers of Vio.Me. factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, for self-management! A great 30-minute documentary shot in the premises of Vio.Me a few weeks before production started. The workers document the shutting down of the company, their decision to self-manage it and the birth of the solidarity movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aQ1dzUG9UmI The machines … Continue reading Vio.Me. Occupy, Resist, Produce