Statement on the attempted coup in Venezuela

The self-declared “president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, announced yesterday that he proceeds to the final phase of overthrowing the democratically elected President of the country, Nicolas Maduro. The United States and the “allied” EU countries were quick to offer their support, with rather provocative statements, declaring that in this way they “protect the Constitution” and the people of Venezuela. The mainstream Western media keep parroting the propaganda dictated by the embassies and the ministries of foreign affairs of the great powers.


Statement-Denunciation of the US intervention in Venezuela

The recognition by the USA of the largely defeated candidate in Venezuela’s Presidential elections, as “interim President” of the country is a blatant interference of the Americans in the internal affairs of an independent, sovereign state. Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented situation, where the defeated in the elections presidential candidate, declares himself president and the “World President” rushes to recognize him. Close behind the sidekick countries of Latin America (the so-called “Lima group” declare that they recognize the leader of the Opposition as President, and, backed up by the OAS, exert pressure for the “restoration of democratic order” (change of regime, that is) in Venezuela. (more…)

EPAM über Polizeigewalt auf dem Syntagma-Platz

Den Staatswappen tragende Verbrecher! 

Am Sonntag, dem 20 Januar, in der Volksversammlung, die auf dem Syntagmaplatz in Athen stattfand, haben die Verbrecher bewiesen, dass sie Professionelle dieser Art sind. Und das, weil sie gegen die  riesengroße Menschnenmenge, die sich versammelt hatte, um ihren Willlen zu bekunden, das von ihren Ahnen überkommene heilige Erbe (nämlich den Namen Makedoniens) zu verteidigen, einen Umzingelungsplan ausgearbeitet und  ausgeführt haben, ohne die reelle Gefahr zu berücksichtigen, dies könnte Opfer zur Folge haben. (more…)

EPAM sur la violence policière de Place Syntagma

Des criminels portant les armoiries nationales!

Hier 21 janvier lors du rassemblement sur la place Syntagma (Constitition), les criminels se sont avérés experts du genre. En effet, face à une immense foule, qui s’était réunie pour manifester contre la livraison de leur heritage national sacré (le nom de la Macédoine), ils ont élaboré et appliqué un plan d’ encerclement, se montrant indifférents au danger bien réel de causer des victimes parmi les manifestants. (more…)

EPAM on the violence on Syntagma Square

Criminals wearing the national emblem!

Yesterday January 21st during the rally on Syntagma (Constitution) Square in Athens, the criminals proved to be experts of the kind. Indeed, in front of the huge crowd that gathered in order to demonstrate against surrendering sacred national heritage, they drew up and applied a plan of encirclement, quite indifferent to the real danger of causing casualties among the crowd. (more…)

Investing in absolute terror with the blessings of the leaders of Christianity

by Dimitris Kazakis

On Christmas day Israel chose to hit once again the area of Damascus. On the day that Christianity celebrates its greatest holiday, the sky of Damascus filled with smoke from explosions and fragments. Israel chose to stamp on everything that is holy and sacred not only to Muslims, but to Christians as well.

Just like Hitler, Israel too violated the agreement with Russia that they were not going to wage any blind attacks on Syrian areas of immediate interest to the Russian armed forces. Russia’s leadership is once again furious, but it seems that they, once again, were caught up in sleep by Israel. (more…)

The unprecedented genocide of the Greek people

by Dimitris Kazakis

About 36.000 souls were lost from Greece’s population just in 2017 due to the difference between the soaring numbers of deaths and the new, even bigger, drop in births. That is, an average sized Greek town was lost in 2017; something like Tripolis.

We didn’t have such an amount of casualties during the war against the invading Italian and German forces in 1940-41, in which the Greek casualties were in the vicinity of about 14.000. (more…)