Comment faire gagner les Gilets jaunes?

Une analyse théorique, politique et stratégique.
Par Jacques Nikonoff, Gilet jaune, universitaire, président du Parti de la démondialisation (Pardem)

Après la magnifique mobilisation des « gilets jaunes » du 17 novembre et ses prolongements, un premier bilan s’impose afin de mieux éclairer la suite des évènements. Avec des centaines de milliers de participants et plus de 2 000 points de rassemblements, les Gilets jaunes sont certainement à la veille de devenir un acteur significatif et durable de la vie politique et sociale. C’est une étape décisive dans la reconstitution du peuple comme corps politique autonome. Ce que conteste fondamentalement ce peuple, c’est la mondialisation néolibérale, même si les choses ne sont pas dites en ces termes par les Gilets jaunes. (more…)

Investing in absolute terror with the blessings of the leaders of Christianity

by Dimitris Kazakis

On Christmas day Israel chose to hit once again the area of Damascus. On the day that Christianity celebrates its greatest holiday, the sky of Damascus filled with smoke from explosions and fragments. Israel chose to stamp on everything that is holy and sacred not only to Muslims, but to Christians as well.

Just like Hitler, Israel too violated the agreement with Russia that they were not going to wage any blind attacks on Syrian areas of immediate interest to the Russian armed forces. Russia’s leadership is once again furious, but it seems that they, once again, were caught up in sleep by Israel. (more…)


Depuis un mois nous suivons de près en retenant notre souffle le soulèvement courageux du peuple français contre le totalitarisme européen et ses représentants sans scrupules en France.

Fidèle à ses traditions révolutionnaires le peuple français donne à nous tous des leçons de la façon dont on renverse les tyrans et démolit les Bastilles.

Nous souhaitons exprimer notre pleine solidarité avec le mouvement authentique des gilets jaunes, qui est une inappréciable source d’inspiration pour tous.

Le nouveau fascisme néolibéral ne passera pas!


Genocide of the Greek Nation

by Paul Graig Roberts

The political and media coverup of the genocide of the Greek Nation began yesterday (August 20) with European Union and other political statements announcing that the Greek Crisis is over. What they mean is that Greece is over, dead, and done with. It has been exploited to the limit, and the carcass has been thrown to the dogs.



La difesa per il ripristino della Democrazia e il disimpegno del Paese dal debito illegalmente imposto.

Il 05/02/2018, il FRONTE POPOLARE UNITO (ΕPΑΜ) ha presentato alla Procura della Repubblica formale denuncia-difesa per il ripristino del​la Democrazia,​​ sulla base di tre fatti-premesse.


EPAM on the Skopje issue

It is historically proven that the Slavs have no relation whatsoever with the country and civilization of timeless Macedonia, which is a Greek word and notion. Their persistence in a name that neither belongs to them nor is in any way related to ancient Dardania, where Skopje was located, is suspect, to say the least.

This being so, what is the reason why this country should be called Macedonia, all the more so under the auspices of foreign powers. None at all. The policies of creating small protectorate states out of disintegrated Yugoslavia, such as  “Macedonia” at our northern border, has been implemented by an international directorate to serve the globalization plans. (more…)


Genuine democrats and EU-critics everywhere will welcome the news that Brexit is still on the way following the decision of the European Council of Prime Ministers and Presidents to move to the next stage of the EU/UK negotiation, i.e. on the two-year withdrawal period and the post-withdrawal trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

If there had been a failure to move the negotiation to Phase 2, ultra-Europhiles and Eurofanatics everywhere would have been delighted.

The European Council decision of the other day means that the hopes of such people that they can stop Brexit are significantly diminished, although they will continue to hope on and still do all they can to  attempt to derail the process.